Fox Film Festival - A new born festival organized by people who believe that movies are more than just entertainment, who wants to find unique minds of real movie creators from all over the world. FIFF is here to connect directors, producers, studios, viewers and first of all just people of all colors, nations, religions and genders. Because here, at FIFF we believe than on the screen we are all the same and equal. Future of cinema will not start or end here, it will change the world.

Everyone knows that the fox has symbolized cunning and dexterity since ancient times, but this is not about us, few people know that foxes also symbolize quick wits, perseverance and patience. Therefore, we associate ourselves with this animal, because we believe that the future of cinema belongs to those who create something new, do not stop until they reach their goal and know how to endure the whole difficult path that faces every creator in the world of cinema. If you are one of them - join us.

Our Structure:

The final destination of every participant who enters our festival is our annual event in Rome, in Summer 2023. Annual program will consider works that went through all the qualification rounds, starting from bi-monthly "official selection" status, and finishing as an "annual selection".

All bi-monthly "official selections" will receive our unique golden laurels, invitation to visit our annual event, and promotional program on our social medias. All bi-monthly winners will be achieved with laurels, digital certificates, promotional program, and an opportunity to be included into the annual screening list. Every bi-monthly program, our team will choose 6 best work at of all winners, that will be included, and screened in Rome. All annual winners will be awarded with our Trophy, and the audience's choice will receive a cash prize. Fox International Film Festival will award winners in 12 main categories.

FIFF has a bi-month structure with pre-notification about selection and yearly screenings. At FIFF we think that this structure is very effective, because you don't need to wait for months to get notified about your selection. Our jury will have enough time to choose the works with great potential. Every two month we select six most powerful works that will go into yearly program and compete for awards and cash prize. The yearly program will be screened in Rome, Italy, that means that all our participants will have a great chance and reason to visit the most beautiful city in Italy.

Best Short Film
Best Feature Film
Best Short Documentary
Best Feature Documentary
Best Animation
Best Music Video
Best Thriller
Best Comedy
Best Romance
Best Fantasy
Best Historical Film
Best Action Movie
Best Drama
Best Dark Comedy
Best Horror
Best Sci-Fi
Best Detective
Best War Film
Best Erotic Film
Best ECO work
Best 360 Film
Best Black & White Film
Best BLM Film
Best LGBTQ+ Film
Best Sport Film
Best No-Dialogue Film
Best Experimental Film
Best Student Film
Best Web Series
Best Educational Film

Best Short Screenplay
Best Feature Screenplay
Best Television Script
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Director
Best Producer
Best Actor
Best Composer
Best Photography
Best Cinematography
Best Scenography
Best Actress
Best Young Actor
Best Young Actress
Best Young Director
Best Director Debut
Best Color Editing
Best Editing
Best Original Score
Best Original Soundtrack
Best Costume Design
Best Makeup
Best VFX
Best Poster
Best Opening Credits
Best Closing Credits

- We accept films of all genres and lengths
- Completion Date after January 2016
- All Non-English Entries Must be subtitled in English
- FIFF can use trailer/teaser/film poster/stills or BTS for promotional purpose (but do
not release, under any form or circumstances, the full film)
- Entry fees are non-refundable
- The submitter owns all the rights to the film
- The submitter cannot withdraw the submission after the official selection
- Films that doesn't match category will be disqualified
- FIFF winners that will go into yearly programme must send copy of the film without
subtitles and .srt file with english subtitles within 2 weeks from official announcment

Overall Rating
  • Suzanne LUTAS

    I was honored to have The Grand Jury selected for this festival. I appreciate their dedication. Great Logo, too!

    January 2023
  • Amine Boucekkine

    Thank you very much for granting "Dead Dreams Falling" 4 awards in the bi-monthly competition of your great festival! My partner Craig Murray and I feel sincerely grateful and honored to be part of the Fox International Film Festival. I am definitely looking forward to discovering the final results of the yearly competition and to meeting you all if we make it to the final list of annual winners. And I'll make sure to apply again in the future with new projects anyway. Thank you again for the support and for your kind words!

    January 2023
  • Always hesitating to submit to a 'first year' festival, because those are hard to judge or reach sometimes. But here communication was fast and friendly and clear. And the selection on their site looks high level. Happy to be nominated here with a mention so far. Thanks.

    January 2023
  • Claudia Ruiz

    Beautifull film festival, I hope participate next year.

    January 2023
  • Aryan Bahl

    Thank you so much FIFF for recognising my work and awarding me Best young director in November - December 2022 program, i am really looking forward for the results of annual event.

    I would also recommend all the filmmakers reading this, to participate in this festival without any doubt, if you trust your film this festival is for you :)


    January 2023