The SoCal Film Awards continually looks for ways to acknowledge and honor creative artists. Through the SoCal Film Awards we aim to bring recognition to filmmakers and screenwriters at all levels, from the up-and-comer to the seasoned pro!

In 2005, we started as a celebration of independent filmmaking with theatrical screenings, workshops, guests and much more.  We broke ground with new media events and screenings as well.

Please note that while the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we will remain an entirely online event for the foreseeable future.

To continue this legacy of celebrating creative independence, the SoCal Film Awards rises anew to honor and acknowledge the work of creative artists worldwide.

In the past, the SoCal has celebrated movies with heavyweights from Tom Hanks to Ann-Margret and guests in attendance from Trent Opalach (Infinity War cinematographer) to JF Lawton (Pretty Woman screenwriter) to Andy Dick (comedian, actor). While we look to the greats for inspiration, our heart and soul very much focus on the creativity of the emerging artist or the established independent.

As we have for many years in the past, the SoCal Film Awards will continue to celebrate the independence of filmmaking, screenwriting and the creative arts.

An award from the SoCal Film Awards has meaning. It is a celebration of arts and independence and is reviewed and selected by professionals within the industry.

Select winners will receive a combination of:

- Best in Show will receive the SoCal Film Awards statuette;

- Additional statuettes available for purchase;

- A printable/frameable Award for your category.

Best-in-Show is the top of the heap according to our judges! Only one winner here.

Diamond Awards are for the tops in any of the categories – these are the crème de la crème.

The Awards of Excellence is awarded to top notch creative minds for their grand accomplishments in any category.

The Awards of Achievement are bestowed to the great minds who have gone above and beyond showing great worth and promise!

The Legacy Award is not always given, but when it is, we believe that this is for a filmmaker, screenwriter or creative artist who has produced a creative legacy, one that will be remembered and lead to great things!

- The submitter must be directly involved (producer, director, screenwriter) with the project or legally authorized to represent the project submitted;

- Projects are only considered for the categories for which they are entered into;

- All commercial/private property including all trademark, copyrighted materials shown or recorded on the project is the responsibility of the filmmaker. The SoCal Film Awards will NOT take responsibility for any infringement of copy-written materials;

- All submissions must be submitted via digital screener (Vimeo, FilmFreeway, other screening service; or for screenplays – PDFs only. We DO NOT accept physical submissions (DVD, Blu-Ray, printed scripts etc);

- Award categories are decided at the discretion of the SoCal Film Awards and may be subject to change;

- All decisions are final;

- We do not accept pornographic material.

- We do watch your movie/screenplay in its entirety and give it honest and thoughtful consideration;

- We do not guarantee any type of public exhibition or display of your movie other than a trailer or approved promotional clips, so your movie will still qualify as a premiere in any festival you choose to submit to.

Overall Rating
  • it was really great experience to get recognised by a festival for genuine film makers like us.

    November 2020
  • Daniel Fort

    It’s a great pleasure that my team and I got selected for this film festival for our indie feature “Back In The No”. We greatly appreciate the honor and look forward submitting more films in future festivals

    November 2020
  • JayTee Thompson

    Socal you guys are amazing. Great communication during the entire virtual process. We humbly accept the awards and look forward to being there in person next year. Thank you so much again.

    November 2020
  • Ronald Milburn

    Thanks for the wins. I enjoyed participating.

    October 2020
  • The Real Thing - Finalist: Screenplay.

    It's an honor to be chosen as one of the four finalists. A top-class screenwriting competition...

    October 2020