Each year Women In Film & Television Atlanta (WIFTA), often in conjunction with Women In Film & Television International (WIFTI), hosts a short film showcase that highlights the work of talented filmmakers throughout the Southeast and beyond. There is a focus, of course, on uplifting the works of strong Women filmmakers, crews, and leads. We accept entries from independent filmmakers from all genres - drama, comedy, action, sci-fi animation, spiritual / gospel, documentary and experimental.

This year the Showcase will take place in late July. In an effort to merge the art and film communities in Atlanta, WIFTA is connecting with local artists to to include a local performance art piece in the Showcase.

Women In Film and Television Atlanta (WIFTA) is dedicated to improving the status and portrayal of women in film, television, video and other screen-based media by offering opportunities for media makers to connect, create, champion and inspire. With an emphasis on professionalism, education and training, we support the work of women in moving images media and foster greater public awareness of their efforts.

Awards & Prizes

Best Short Film - $500 Prize
Best Actor
Best Director
Best Female Representation

Along with the above awards, screenings will include the top film from each of the following categories:


Rules & Terms

Short Films eligible for review must adhere to the following guidelines:

-Must be 30 mins or less (including opening and closing credits/title sequence)
-Must have a Woman Director, Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, or prominent lead
actress (Films with a strong female cast wille also be accepted for consideration).
-Must have been completed in 2014 or later.

Rules & Guidelines:

-WIFTA does NOT pay screening fees.
-WIFTA does NOT offer refunds for submitted works.
-If selected, any incomplete films must be completed and sent to WIFTA by June 30th, 2017
to be screened during 2017 showcase.
-Online screeners preferred over DVD submissions.

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    Howard Davis

    As an international filmmaker and male it was really important to be involved in a festival that strives to make female narratives the forefront of their mandate. Feminism is not just an emblem for women and I am truly honoured to have been picked to showcase beside other extremely talented individuals. The festival was so on top of everything from communication to social media. The only downside is I wish I could have attended. Here's to many more future showcases.

    August 2017