♥ Finalists get to screen at Pinewood Studios and pitch to our production team their future projects!

♥ Finalists Qualify for Lift-Off Global Network Season Award Nominations!

First-Time Filmmaker Online Sessions has been designed to be the entry into the Lift-Off Global Network. It is a monthly online showcase, dedicated to screening a collection of globally submitted indie shorts and features (of all genres) from new voices.

With startling data on declining audience figures for indie film, we decided to extend our resources to cater to all with an all-encompassing and welcoming platform where everyone can see the type of work and varying elements from as many projects as possible.

Lift-Off Sessions isn't about selecting the best possible shorts or features from the films that are submitted to us, it is about providing a screening opportunity for everyone. An opportunity we hope highlights and educates each and every month.

For you, the Lift-Off Sessions showcase is an invaluable opportunity to see lots of your contemporaries' work, while supporting indie film and its continued success.

On our YouTube Channel you'll find free content such as live workshops, interviews with our filmmakers, news updates and more. Just copy and paste this link into a separate tab: https://www.youtube.com/c/liftoffglobalnetwork

The first round of this festival is held online, via Vimeo On Demand. Guaranteed screening to all submitters for the first round. The finalists are then judged by professional reviewers who select their monthly winner.

The winning short film of each month's edition are screened at both our annual Sessions event at Pinewood Studios AND they form part of Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival screening at Raleigh Studios, Hollywood in the summer.

This festival is targeted to provide a platform to new voices in the indie world. Each film needs to be the first filmmaking project undertaken by a core production team member (director or producer) or the first project undertaken within 5 years of their previous project.


Audience members are all invited to vote for their first and second favourite films on the page. These choices are weighted equally to remove bias. The winner and top voted finalist from each programme will receive FREE Intermediate Lift-Off membership. The second round is internal, where the Lift-Off Judges pick their overall feature and short winner from the top voted films.


The Lift-Off Judges pick their overall winning short and feature from the top voted films. The winning short from each month is screened at Pinewood Studios UK AND Raleigh Studios, Hollywood. The winning feature filmmakers are invited to an event at Pinewood where trailers are screened, followed by networking opportunities and industry demos.


Our Professional Membership is an annual subscription of $189, it entitles you to the following benefits...
- Fee waivers across our entire festival network - (worth $700)
- Free tickets to all of our events around the world
- Access to a real-time global jobs board - work within the industry
- Access to a huge scripts database
- Contact screenwriters from all over the world
- Upload your own scripts
- Apply for global production support
- Apply for career guidance

Intermediate Membership is an annual subscription of $89, which entitles you to,
-Free Submission to Showcases
-Launch Your Projects
-Free Tickets to Festivals
-Film Industry Jobs
-Production Support
-Career Road-Mapping
-Find Scripts & Screenplays
And much more...

For more information please head to our website: www.liftoff.network


All monthly finalists will be awarded free Intermediate Membership worth $89. That will enable them to free submissions across all of our Showcases. This is Lift-Off Global Network's members' site; a launchpad created for anyone who wishes to have a career in film. From exciting global job opportunities to collaboration, tailored one2one sessions, exclusive content and access to project-ready scripts.

The finalist film from each month will receive an official selection for a live screening at Pinewood Studios, UK.

Each edition, the winning short will receive an official selection for a live screening at Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival, held every year at the beautiful screening rooms of the historic Raleigh Studios.

This is the 2nd First Timer Sessions this Season.

All submissions to be sent digitally via FilmFreeway.

We accept ALL genres and content type with no screening restrictions.