The Noe Valley Girls Film Festival’s ("NVGFF") mission is to encourage young girls to make movies with goals of creating a new generation of movie makers, promoting Noe Valley, and having fun. With today’s technology, anyone can learn to make a movie.


NVGFF is seeking short film submissions made by girls anywhere in the world in two age groups (6th-8th grades and 5th grade and under). Submissions are due by August 1, 2017, and the finalists are expected to be announced in late-August, 2017. The Festival will be held at 4:00 pm on September 9, 2017, at the Noe Valley Ministry in Noe Valley, San Francisco, CA. At the festival, we expect to present the top submissions, have a well-known local filmmaker present awards to the winners, and to have a raffle.


In early 2016, a group of girls living in Noe Valley decided to form NVGFF. They loved making movies and wanted to give an opportunity to other young girls to make and present their movies to a real live audience. The girls started creating films in elementary school and have collectively made almost fifty movies. They enjoyed filmmaking so much that they decided to start a festival for all of the girls of Noe Valley. They have been meeting every week and believe the film festival will be a great way to bring the people of Noe Valley together to watch films and to empower girls in the art of filmmaking.

Awards & Prizes

There are two age groups - 6th to 8th grade and 5th grade and under.

Please note that prizes are the same for both age groups.

1st place-$250

2nd place-$150

3rd place-$50

Rules & Terms

Submitted films must be:

G-rated (please keep in mind that we will have very young children attending)
5 minutes or shorter
Created by a female
Filmmaker must be in the 8th grade or under
Feel free to make a film about anything, but try to make it interesting!

DO NOT mail or ship your entry by any method without permission.

Please ensure that if you are submitting a film that contains copyrighted material by anyone other than yourself, that you have obtained legal clearance for that material used. By entering your work, you agree to this and the terms of service.

Films will be accepted only if they comply with all the criteria and requirements and cannot contain any inappropriate content (offense to kids, religious/minority groups, pornography, etc.).

All films selected for the festival are automatically entered into competition for cash prizes awarded by the festival organizers, judges and audience. For each age group there will be $250, $150 and $50 prizes for first, second, and third place.


By entering a film into the NVGFF the applicant is granting NVGFF a non-exclusive license to exhibit the film during the Festival or on the NVGFF website. Moreover, by entering a film in the NVGFF the applicant is granting NVGFF a non-exclusive free of charge license to use fragments of the film for marketing purposes.

For more information, please visit www.nvgff.com

2 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Josh Auffret

    Such a wonderful event! We were thrilled that my daughter was selected as a finalist for the 2017 festival. We'll be back!

    September 2017
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    Indigo Mudbhary

    What a fun festival! It's really such a great way to get young girls into film!

    September 2017