XVI International Short Film Festival "VISION" was first launched in Siberia (Russia) in 2007.
The Festival aims to demonstrate official selection films in three nominations: fiction film, documentary, animation; and includes an award ceremony and demonstration of films out of selection.

The Festival also hosts workshops by movie critics and directors, and meetings with creative professionals.

One of the wonderful traditions of the "VISION" Festival is the audience vote. Alongside with the professional jury, the audience gets to choose the best film by filling questionnaires.

The best film chosen by the audience is awarded a special prize.

The slogan of the Festival, "Share your Vision of the world", calls upon every young director to visualise his or her view on the world and share it with the audience. Each work is unique and addresses a certain category of viewers. It helps make the Festival programme diverse and versatile.

Winners in each category will be awarded diplomas, statuettes and special prizes.

The best film chosen by the audience is awarded a special prize.

Special Award is 1000 $.


Th International short film festival "Vision" (hereinafter -festival) launches in the city of Kemerovo (since 2007).

Organizers of the festival - Team "Vision". The festival is a contest that determines the most interesting works in various categories (see. Section 4 "Conditions of participation"). Other works are shown in the non-competitive program of the festival.


The festival aims to solve the following problems:

- Support the development and creativity of young people, the possibility of a professional assessment submitted works;
- The development of cultural relations and exchange of experience between the participants of the festival;
- Promoting the creative growth of young filmmakers;
- Coverage of issues of concern to youth.


3.1. Preparation and holding of the festival and competition held in its framework, by a special organizational committee:

- It solves information problems arising in connection with the preparation and conduct of the festival;
- Accepts applications and video works for participation in the festival and competition;
- Providing the necessary advisory and methodological assistance to the participants;
- Recommends to the competition and the promotion of the most interesting video works;
- Invites you to participate in the work of the professional jury of the festival.
- Organizes the festival and competitive display in a special room and the work of the jury, holding the audience voting, holding a ceremony of awarding the winners of the contest;
- Keeps an archive of documents (applications, protocols of jury, viewers, etc.), videos (copies of copyright works, videos, recording display, etc.) and other materials.

3.2. Total expenditure on the organization and conduct of the festival organizers assume the travel expenses of foreign participants - at the expense of the sending party, or from sources attracted participants.

3.3. Regional and city media, television programs and other information agencies contribute to the spread of information about the upcoming festival, and the results of its work.


4.1. To participate in the contest is open to all interested persons who have provided their works to the Organizing Committee.

4.2. Participants in the contest / festival can be as individual authors and creative groups, non-governmental organizations;

4.3. In each category, you can submit up to 3 works from the author \ group of authors;

4.4. Member of the Organizing Committee of the contest provides an application form for participation, respectively, and making it competitive materials;

4.5. Authors must own the copyright for each work submitted to them;

4.6. The authors of the Organizing Committee of the competition provide non-exclusive copyright, implying non-commercial use of the material (play and demonstration of the festival). Public demonstration of the submitted work is carried out with the obligatory mention of the author's name;

4.7. The works will not be returned;
4.8. The works submitted to the contest are not edited.

5. Requirements for work submitted for the competition.

5.1. All submissions should correspond to the topics of the festival.

5.2. To participate in the contest works created no earlier than three years prior to the festival. To participate in non-competitive show with works, regardless of the statute of limitations.

5.2. Works for the contest are accepted in the following areas:

- Ficton films
- Documentary films
- Animated films.

In the absence of a copyright indication, in which section should demonstrate his work, the organizers decide that question.

5.3. Works made by request on a commercial basis may be presented only for non-competition screenings.

5.4. Technical requirements:
- Regulated by a special application.
- The length of the film to 20 minutes.

5.5. We do not accept work not corresponding to the subject of the festival (pornography, video violence, the inhumane treatment of animals; video that promotes drugs and unhealthy lifestyles, as well as the work of racist and films inciting ethnic and religious enmity).

6. Determination of the winners and award ceremony

6.1. The winners in each category are determined by the jury on individual criteria for each category.

6.2. Provided the Audience Award, awarded on the basis of secret audience voting on standard forms.

6.3. Competition Jury and the Organizing Committee has the right to establish additional category and special prizes.

6.4. There are prizes of sponsors.

6.5. The award ceremony is held on the final day of the festival.

6.5.1. Winners in each category will be awarded diplomas, statuettes and special prizes.

6.5.2. The winners, who are unable to attend the ceremony awards, special prizes and statuettes deliver mail Russia for 1 month or during a personal meeting with the organizers of the festival.

Overall Rating
  • Mick Hannigan

    It was a pleasure and we won the best foreign short film. Thank you Vision.

    December 2021
  • Great Festival and very proud my film was chosen as a finalist. Would recommend this festival for all film makers to enter.

    December 2019