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Once a year an amazing collection of creative and inspiring filmmakers and actors venture off the beaten path and flock to the quiet small town of Woodward in remote Northwest Oklahoma, and fill the beautiful and historic Woodward Arts Theater for an action packed weekend of networking, movie watching and partying. Twister Alley provides the perfect setting for filmmakers and movie fans alike to congregate and celebrate the world of independent film. All selected films screen on the big screen at the Woodward Arts Theater & we host a staged reading for our screenplay contest finalist.

"This is by far a favorite festival! Twister manages to bring in some of the most amazing films and the teams behind those films are all such lovely welcoming people. A must submit, and if you are lucky enough to be selected, a must attend." Natalie Lynch & Tara Jayn, Actor/Producers, 'Panic Button' & 'Imaginary Friends'

"Twister Alley is phenomenal- a collection of great filmmakers from all over the world surrounded by a welcoming Oklahoma community that truly loves film. Twister was one of our earliest stops with our film and I can say without hesitation." John Psathas, Writer/Director 'Bernadette'

"Twister Alley was a wonderful experience. Their love of indie film shines through the entire festival and I left feeling uplifted and inspired." Kelly Tatham, Writer/Director, 'Multiverse Dating For Beginners'

"I've been to several festivals myself, and I can tell you, this was by far the best film festival I have ever attended. PERIOD." David Bryant Perkins...screenplay finalist

"Twister Alley was hands down the best festival I've been to (not exaggerating!) I've never been treated so well for merely having a little short film showing in a sea of films." Anthony Stratton...Actor...Nesting Grounds

"Going to Woodward was one of the best film fest experiences I've ever had. The town was very cordial and it's only going to get bigger and better from here." Tom Radovich...Producer...Nobody

"The hospitality Josh and his team have is a special touch that leaves you feeling embraced in a warm hug by the festival. The majestic vibe is so thick, that parting is the only disappointment you will feel." Mike Kelleher-Screenplay Finalist

"It was awesome and perfect. " Elyse Cantor...Actor...The Life and Death of an Unhappily Married Man

Kids Flix (films for the whole family)
Twisted Toons (Animated films for grown folks)
Midnight Films (Weird, Dark and/or Twisted)
Music Video
Screenplay Contest (short, feature, webseries and TV Pilot screenplays of all genres accepted)

Crystal Twister Audience Award
Best Comedy Film (Feature & Short)
Best Drama Film (Feature & Short)
Best College Film
Best WTF Film (Weird, Dark and/or Twisted...Feature & Short)
Best Animated Film (Feature & Short)
Best Documentary (Feature & Short)
Best Foreign Film (Feature & Short)
Best Kid Flix
Best Oklahoma Film
Best Music Video
Best Actor/Actress (Feature & Short)
Best Ensemble (Feature & Short)
Best Contest Screenplay (Feature & Short)
Best Director
Best Movie Poster


Films of all lengths (short & feature) and all genres (family, animated, comedy, drama, sci-fi, action, horror, documentary, foreign, music video) are welcome to submit.

Screenplays (short, feature, webseries, TV pilot) of all genres are welcome to submit. Screenplays must be unproduced as of the date of the film festival. (April 29, 2021)

Screener films should be submitted on digital file (Mov, Mp4).

Films in language other than English must include English subtitles.

Although an Oklahoma premiere of your film is not required, it is preferred.

No feedback on submissions can be given.

Overall Rating
  • Stephane Arteta

    Wonderful festival, amazing team and communication. So sad I could not attend because of Covid-19 but it is an honor to be selected. Can't wait for next year.

    May 2020
  • Tim Schwagel

    Unable to attend due to Covid, but the options they gave us when it comes to our accepted film was fantastic and i can't wait to be able to submit again.

    May 2020
  • Daniel Talbott

    Can't wait for next year and this festival is fantastic!

    May 2020
  • Mia'kate Russell

    Love this festival so much !!!! It was an honour to play there x

    November 2019
  • Shuttlecock Film

    Twister Alley was so fun to attend! The organizers were friendly and had thought of everything to ensure our filmmaker experience went smoothly. Great caliber of films at the festival and lots of chances to network. I made a lot of new friends and contacts!

    June 2019