In 2022, the 9th edition of WoFF aspires to bring more audiences, filmmakers and industry professionals together, creating a platform to exchange ideas, showcase their work and most importantly talk on film and new trends in the industry, women filmmakers of today and independent film production in Europe, the US and beyond. 2021 has been a challenging year for everyone and the creative industries, including film festivals and events. With our ninth edition in 2022, we hope to bring our audiences again close to each other, introduce new programmes, including a food film element and additional workshops, animation masterclasses and pitch panel sessions to increase accessibility and give stage to a larger number of talent.

Our focus remains on independent cinema from all over the world, by showcasing the work of first feature filmmakers, women directors and eastern European cinema in our three main sections, First Features, The Female Perspective & Focus on Balkan Cinema, respectively. We also continue supporting the world of animation, with our 5th Animation Day in Glasgow, in collaboration with our partners Animaze and Animated Women UK. Film screenings, panels, talks, youth workshops, Virtual Reality and networking events that will excite everyone, complete the programme!

As part of our annual activity, in June 2022 WoFF collaborates with the Council for European Studies of the Columbia University in NYC to organise the 5th EuropeNow Festival, a film event as part of their annual conference, held in Lisbon, Portugal. More info and instructions on how to submit is available on our website.

The festival has eight categories in competition:

*First Feature Film Competition
*Feature Film Competition (First Features are not considered in this category, please submit in First Feature Competition)
*Short Film Competition
*Feature in the Female Perspective Competition
*Short Film in Female Perspective Competition
*Feature Film: Focus on Balkan Cinema
*Short Film: Focus on Balkan Cinema
*Best Animation Feature & Short

In addition we will hold our fourth pitching forum during the 2022 festival. Filmmakers / producers who wish to participate can submit under the respective category.

WoFF: World of Film International Festival is Glasgow’s annual independent film event, held in October, and currently in its ninth edition. Our main focus is to promote independent international cinema and new talent from Scotland, the UK and beyond. Our aim is to bring local and Scottish audiences together with filmmakers, producers, artists and cinema enthusiasts from all around the world, in an attempt to discover new talent, showcase their work and generate ideas for future projects. WoFF is a non-profit organisation bringing audiences a step closer to international independent cinema and giving voice to young artists.

In more detail, the WoFF 2022 programme will include the following sections (please check regularly the website for news and updates):

First Feature Competition: Successful submissions from first feature film directors.

Feature Film Competition: Successful submissions in the feature film category.

The Female Perspective (In competition): Showcasing the work of independent women filmmakers.

Focus on Balkan Cinema: A selection of short and feature films from Eastern European countries, with communities and issues from those regions in the spotlight.

Special Screenings (Out of Competition): A selection of films known from the festival circuit.

Animation Day in Glasgow: Filmmakers from the UK and beyond will bring the UK audiences closer to animation. A day dedicated to animation projects, animation panel discussions and workshops.

Our special programmes include workshops, masterclasses, live events and special cinema and art exhibitions.

The above will be surrounded by Q&As, panel discussions & networking events with attending filmmakers and film industry professionals.

* Best First Feature

* Best Feature (excluding first features)

* Best Short

* Best Film: The Female Perspective

* Best Short: The Female Perspective

* Best Feature Film: Focus on Balkan Cinema

* Best Short Film: Focus on Balkan Cinema

* Best Animation: Short & Feature Film

Please note that each submission can only be in one of the above categories. If, for example fits in both the first feature and female perspective categories, please choose which one you would like to place your submission in. You can submit in two or more applicable categories if you wish to increase your chances of being selected for a screening.

You will be notified by or on the the date of the notification date if your submission has been successful. Only "Selected" Submissions qualify to take part in the live festival screenings.

*Please note that Semi-Finalist submissions do not qualify for a live festival screening. These submissions are pre-selected by the programmers and will be notified if they qualify for a life screening as the programming progresses.

T&C / Policies: If your film is selected, you will receive a letter with further instruction on how to submit your screening copy and all the materials needed for the screening and for the listing of the film in official festival materials. If you fail to deliver these materials by the deadline specified, we cannot guarantee the screening of the film as part of the festival.

Overall Rating
  • Mike Hay

    I was delighted that my project ‘Even The Rats’ made the official selection in the 2020 World of Film International Festival Glasgow. I found the festival team to be very helpful and supportive in answering questions and offering guidance. I look forward to the opportunity to participate in the festival again someday!

    March 2021
  • A great festival with wonderful films and passionate staff. communication was great and we were well informed. I look forward to collaborating with you again in the future.

    November 2020
  • Toma Enache

    Great festival and great selection of films!

    October 2020
  • Miles Wilkes

    Our film was selected for festival, it was put in the program for the festival and then it simply disappeared from the program and the website. I've now sent numerous emails to the festival and not had one response. What was particularly disappointing that the writer/director was from Glasgow and was really excited to be screening in his home town. Very poor form.

    In response to you message, I have emailed numerous times now to you, and have had no response, I used an alternative email after reading your message, and forwarded all the emails that I have sent you, and still haven't got a response. I didn't receive an email from you prior to the festival only one to say we'd been selected, and as you had our poster, synopsis etc on your website I was under the assumption you had everything you needed, as obviously you can download the marketing materials, film etc from the the Film Freeway portal.

    I've now forwarded you my emails from three different email addresses, my personal one and the two film production companies I work for and no response..... I mean really.....

    October 2020
    Response from festival:

    Dear Miles,

    We reached out to you with instructions on how to submit your film materials and any additional marketing materials for the screening in the beginning of September. The initial email was followed up by our marketing team and then again by our technical support team and you didn’t respond to any of those emails. We had set out deadlines for receiving the materials for the screenings and as per our T&C, if one fails to deliver materials within the deadline and without prior notice, we are, unfortunately, unable to proceed with inclusion in the festival. This is due to tests being carried out much prior to the start of the festival and also, as you can appreciate, we have approximately 100 titles we deal with so we cannot delay the process for individual cases, and especially without prior approval or communication from your side.
    We have checked all official festival emails and we do not have an email from you until today’s review. We’re more than happy to discuss this further with you or provide more detailed explanation if you drop us a line on
    Thank you!

  • Linnea Larsdotter

    I felt so welcome and appreciated by the Film Festival crew - congratulations to everyone involved for being able to host during these circumstances. I'm looking forward to submitting more projects as they are ready!

    October 2020