ANALOGICA is an event that has been created to stimulate and support the diffusion and knowledge of analog technologies in both artistic and creative fields. It particularly involves experimental research projects on cinema, photography, and sound production.
ANALOGICA encourages constructive dialogue between local and international artists and helps develop a network of international relations and collaborations.

Analogica Selection is an international film program dedicated to supporting and promoting filmmakers all over the world.
Throughout the year, a selection of the best works screened at the Analogica festival travels in various places around the world to provide encounters where artists working across disciplines (photo, film, sound, installation) can meet and exchange ideas about analog practices.

We are a non-competitive festival.

ANALOGICA accepts only films shot in super8, 16mm 35mm or found footage ( super8 or 8mm home movies, 16mm or 35mm archive).

// Max runtime: 25 minutes

// Only accepting films completed after December 31, 2017

// Genre: Experimental, Documentary / Animation

// Screening formats: Super8, 16mm, digital

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