We are pleased to announce that the Golden State Film Festival will hold its second edition, at the TCL Chinese Theater Hollywood!

The Golden State Film Festival we take pride in creating a fun relaxed and exciting festival for independent films.

The Festival will feature an opening night party event gala and red carpet awards ceremony at the conclusion of the event.

All Dates are subject to change until official announcement soon!

The festival is programmed and organized by an experienced team of festival organizers. The Golden State Film Festival is designed to be a contending platform for independent filmmakers to promote independent films in California The "Golden State". The festival caters to independent filmmakers of shorts and feature projects looking to promote to distributors and film aficionados in the Los Angeles area and California.

Awards and Prizes TBA

Submitting your film does not guarantee festival acceptance or screening. Acceptance into the festival does not guarantee award or prize. Submission fee's are nonrefundable. Golden State Film Festival reserves the right to change programming without notice.

Overall Rating
  • Clea Frost

    Great Festival. Unfortunately we weren't able to attend in person but great communication and so happy to be part of the event.

    June 2019
  • Marvin Glover

    These gentlemen run an amazing festival it gets better and better each year.

    June 2019
  • Monique Sorgen

    This festival is scam. They conned me into applying by telling me that I was already accepted into their other festival (Silicon Beach), and I would be guaranteed admittance into both, so I gave them extra money (even though they already knew and liked my film from my submission to Silicon Beach), because I could tell they really needed it to build up their fledgeling 2nd year festival... and then they didn't accept my film into Silicon Beach! They lied to me, and I wrote to them about my disillusionment before writing this review, but they never replied. The other films in my lineup were literally some of the worst films I've seen on the circuit (I'm sorry to say). While some of them looked ok, none of them made sense. And it was extra embarrassing because I'd brought a (famous) actor from my movie to the screening, and he had to sit through it all. I was mortified. Then, at the awards ceremony, they gave out about 250 certificates, totally cheapening the value of being an award winning filmmaker. They even gave awards to different films for best lighting and best cinematography-- as if they had no idea that it's the same job! You had to pay for the parties yourself, and the one panel they put on had such bad audio, that nobody could tell me what anybody on the stage was saying, and most of us gave up on listening, and just had our own conversations. After the panel, I asked at least 10 other people who were closer to the stage, and I couldn't find anyone who'd heard anything. Overall, this festival was a very frustrating amateurish experience, despite the professional movie theater it exhibited in. The only good thing I can say is that the Chinese Theater has amazing projection and sound, and my movie looked and sounded exactly how it was meant to. These guys also put on the Culver City Film Festival, and the Silver Screen Festival in Las Vegas. You should consider avoiding all 4 of their festivals.

    June 2019
  • Zlila Helman

    Great connection with the team who are devoted to their mission to give space to the vision of storytellers from different backgrounds and cultures. i could not attend at the festival but I was honored that my short doc. " Girls Soccer Beyond Borders" was selected to be screened in this unique festival.

    May 2019
  • Ray Robinson

    Congratulations to Peter Green and his staff for orchestrating an amazing film festival from opening night to closing! night and the award show! We look forward to being a part of your future film festivals!

    May 2019