Świdnicki Ośrodek Kultury and the Wrocław Film Foundation as the organizers of the SPEKTRUM Film Festival in Świdnica and the ‘Okiem Młodych’ (‘The Youth Perspective’) International Documentary Film Festival decided to combine these two events into one.
Thanks to this, the SPEKTRUM festival has gained new competition sections for short films, all under the name ‘The Youth Perspective’ - the first of them is the Competition ‘The Youth Perspective’ for short fiction films - designed for creators up to 35 years of age; the second is the Competition ‘The Youth Perspective’ for short documentaries - where the age category is the same; and the Amateurs Competition ‘The Youth Perspective’ intended for authors up to the age of 21 (it is possible to submit both features and documentaries).

About the SPEKTRUM film festival in Świdnica:
The 6th edition will be the next meeting with the best cinema from the last few months and its creators. Our event is a celebration of artistic cinema, during which we watch the most interesting films from the passing season in Poland, Europe and around the world. SPEKTRUM is characterized by strict selection and careful selection. During the festival, we will watch about 60 short and full-length films. In addition, the festival will host many meetings with film stars, discussions and accompanying events.

About the International Documentary Film Festival ‘Okiem Młodych’ (‘The Youth Perspective’):
For eleven years, the "Okiem Młodych" Festival was an event during which films of young artists selected for the Main Competition were presented. He permanently inscribed in the cultural offer of Świdnica and was the place of many important debuts.

The Competitions Jurys will select the winning films within the following three Competitions: Short Fiction, Documentary Short and Amateurs. The Jury's selection will be announced during the Festival. The winners will receive a statue and a cash prize. The Organizers reserve a right to release the information about those awards in a separate announcement. The awards will be presented during a closing gala, in November of 2020.

Terms and conditions of the Competitions of the 6th Swidnica Film Festival SPEKTRUM

I. General information
1. 6th Świdnica Film Festival SPEKTRUM (further referred to as the Festival) will take place between 24th and 31st of October 2020 in Świdnica, Poland. The Festival aims to present an overview of both fiction and documentary films.
2. The Organizers of the Festival are: Świdnicki Ośrodek Kultury and Wrocławska Fundacja Filmowa.

II Film submission
1. One of the elements of the Festival’s programme is the Short Fiction Competition for the best short fiction film; Documentary Short Competition for the best short documentary film and Amateurs Competition for the best fiction and documentary shorts (further referred to as the Competitions).
2. Submissions for the Competitions are open to individuals (further referred to as the Applicants) up to 35 years of age (Documentary Short and Short Fiction) or up to 21 years of age (Amateurs) (at the moment of the Festival). Members of the Jury and the Selecting Committee cannot participate in the Competition.
3. By submitting a film, applicant accepts these Terms and Conditions.
4. Festival submission costs: on Early Deadline (till May 18th 2020) - 5 USD; on Regular Deadline (till June 24th 2020) - 7 USD.
Submissions for Amateurs Competition are free of charge.
5. We only accept films completed after January 1st 2018 (Documentary Shorts and Shorts Fiction) or after January 1st 2017 (Amateurs Competition) (providing they had not been submitted in the past season of the Festival).
6. In order to submit a film for the Competition, the Applicant must send its application through FilmFreeway portal: https://filmfreeway.com/spektrum by the June 24th 2020, by 23:59 (date of arrival counts).
Organizers reserve a right to extend the application deadline if necessary.
7. The applicant takes a full responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided in the application form as well as the clearance of the copyrights of the film.

III. Technical specification
1. Films submitted to the festival SPEKTRUM can be submitted in an electronic form, via https://filmfreeway.com/spektrum.
2. Film length: up to 30 minutes.
3. Each film should have opening and closing credits with information such as: film title, film-makers’ names, year of production and must have English subtitles.
4. Organizers reserve a right to withdraw a film from the Competitions due to a faulty copy, that cannot be screened.
5. The Applicant, whose film is selected to the Competition is obligated to send, at his own expense, a screening copy of the film in MP4 or MOV formats, preferably in an electronic form via Dropbox, Google Drive or similar hosting website, within 7 days of the announcement of the film selection.

IV. Selection process
1. Films will be handed over to the Selecting Committee, who will decide on the Competition’s film selection.
2. The Selecting Committee will be put together by the Organizers.
3. The Applicant will be informed about the festival selection by the Organizers, via email or phone, by the August 31st 2020. The Organizers reserve a right to extend this deadline due to unpredictable circumstances.

V. Awards
1.The Competitions Jury will select a winning films. The winners will receive a statue and a cash prize.
2. During the Festival several honorary awards will be presented. The Organizers reserve a right to release the information about those awards in a separate announcement.
3. The awards will be presented during a closing gala, in November 2020.

VI. Jury
1. The Competitions Jury consists of three to five people. The Jury awards the Main Prize. The members of the Jury will be revealed to the public in a separate announcement.
2. The Jury reserves a right to select films for Special Mentions. In case of any disagreements the Head of the Jury makes the final decisions.
3. A Jury Secretary will prepare a summary from the Jury’s meeting.

VII. Copyrights
1. The Applicant takes full responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided in the Application Form. Submitting false or incomplete personal information, or not providing it at all will result in a withdrawal the film from the Competition.
2. Copyrights of each film submitted must be cleared and cannot violate third party personal rights.
3. In case of submitting to the Festival a film that infringes copyrights or one that violates third party’s personal rights, the Applicant is obligated to cover any legal costs arising from any claims of infringement of third party rights, as well as the cost of penalties and damages that are results of the infringement.
4. The Applicant agrees to the publication of the information about the film on the Festival’s website and in official publications (catalogue, brochures, leaflets etc.) and in press releases, as well as agrees to the use of film fragments (no longer than 30 sec.) and film stills for the purpose of the promotion of the Festival and in media presentations (press, radio, TV and the Internet).
5. The Applicant agrees to the screenings of his film during the duration of the Festival and in the period after the Festival during special screenings in Poland and abroad prepared by the Organizers.

VIII. Final conditions
1. Film copies, submitted to the Festival will not be returned and will be kept in the Festival’s archive.
2. The Selecting Committee’s and the Jury’s verdicts are final and unquestionable.
3. The Organizers take no responsibility for the copyright infringements of any submitted film.

IX. Additional information
Additional information about the Competition can be acquired from Weronika Sowińska (sowinska@wrocff.com.pl).

Overall Rating
  • Sandy Blanco

    Great festival. Very good organization despite the circunstances. Thank you.

    November 2020
  • Pedro Furquim

    It was an honour to have my film on this amazing festival and receive the Special Mention Award! Thank you so much! I hope to be there next year!

    November 2020
  • Great Festival! Great Team!
    Being at this festival was a fantastic experience.

    February 2020
  • Great festival organized by great people, absolutely recommended !

    November 2019
  • Ming-Wei Chiang

    A very wonderful, organized film festival situated in a cozy town, Świdnica. Meeting with nice film lovers and film selections. :)

    November 2019