The Showcases 2023 @ Pinewood Studios
Hosted by Lift-Off Global Network

- Qualifies for Lift-Off Global Network Season Award Nominations
- Season Award Winners Screen at Every Lift-Off Film Festival!

Join the Lift-Off Global Network from our home at the world-famous Pinewood Studios in the UK for a filmmaking showcase that puts you in the centre of everything.

The film industry seems like a closed-door for many. Festival rejections and lack of work opportunities with a very high career fence to climb - appears to be the norm for all filmmakers at the indie level - and we want to change that. With this in mind, we have decided that the doors need to open and filmmakers should be given valued insights into how they can use their skills and develop them so that they may become the future of the business.

Learn more about the Lift-Off Global Network and how we support our filmmakers. Watch coverage from our festivals, see the interviews and engage with our live workshops directly from our YouTube Channel. Simply copy and paste this link into a separate tab:

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Lift-Off Global Network offers to you the chance to join our platform. An "industry within the industry" and a place to build your career with showcases, education, festival screenings, and limitless fee waivers to all of our events for your content. We have so much to offer our members via Lift-Off Professional and Intermediate Memberships; the list is endless. We are sure that fee waivers and a priority on screening your work worldwide are worth your attention.

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Our Professional Membership is an annual subscription of $189, it entitles you to the following benefits...

- Fee waivers across our entire festival network - (worth $700)
- Free tickets to all of our events around the world
- Access to a real-time global jobs board - work within the industry
- Access to a huge scripts database
- Contact screenwriters from all over the world
- Upload your own scripts
- Apply for global production support
- Apply for career guidance

The Lift-Off Global Network exists with the aim of launching filmmakers careers. Our Showcase is an event held at Pinewood Studios. It incorporates screenings, discussion, feedback and presentations by organizations eager to support grassroots filmmakers. It is a great insight into how festivals programme and how filmmakers can take their creative journeys to the next level. As film festivals grow in stature many of their programming habits lean toward the experienced and sometimes more-resourced filmmaker. This leaves the filmmakers who are starting out behind and at times disillusioned with the film festival model and the film industry on the whole.

We have come to the realisation that we need to find, celebrate, nurture and award ambitious talent - people who want to work within the business and realise their full potential. Screenings take place at the home of Lift-Off’s Annual Season Awards, followed by a timetable of events that include 1-2-1 surgeries with the Lift-Off Founders, presentations highlighting some insider secrets by industry based organisations, equipment suppliers and producers.

We know that no one person can make an entire film and we would love to have the key members of the production team behind each film attend the event. The day will be filled with opportunities to network with other like-minded, filmmakers who will no doubt have insightful views about your work and be able to provide you with inspiration for new projects and possibly even collaborate with you in the future.

There will be opportunities throughout the day to have your questions answered and this will enable filmmakers who attend the event to forge long lasting relationships which will be essential in the future! For each production team, there will also be a group peer review session. In this session, there will be a full discussion about the various films which have been screened during the day based on feedback from the attendees. Filmmakers will also have the opportunity to have a one-on-one meet and greet with the Lift-Off Co-founders James Bradley and Ben Pohlman.

This is what all Lift-Off Film Festivals have to offer our submitters, high scoring films, official selections and winners...

At the submission level.

❀ Value for your submission fee. Exclusive content emailed to every submitter up-to 24hrs from the time of submission.

❀ High scoring films. If your film scores high but isn't included in our final programme you will be invited to our Lift-Off Online Film Festival initiative, an online competitions which run parallel with the respective live city screenings - where the top two winners get official selections at either of the next two Lift-Off cities.


At the festivals.
Shorts, Music Videos and New Web Series.

❀ Short Film Prizes.Live Action Narrative and Documentaries. Official Selections at proceeding Lift-Off Film Festivals.

❀ Nominations Short Films. When short films screen at any Lift-Off Film Festival they are automatically open to receiving nominations for the Lift-Off Season Awards, held at the world famous Pinewood Studios in December.


Best Live Action Narratives
Best Documentaries
Best Animations
Best Music Video
Best Web Series
Best Director (open for shorts, features and new media)
Best Actor (open for shorts, features and new media)
Best Acting Ensemble (open for shorts, features and new media)

We accept all films in any length or genre.
Digital online submission screeners only.

Proudly, we have no other restrictions for your work. This includes your works premier status, it's age and/or whether your work has been made available online.

Overall Rating
  • Dann Kharsa

    The people at Lift-off were excellent especially on the day Ben was very welcoming. I loved meeting the other filmmakers and the feedback received on my movie Trigger will help me in the future. Everyone’s work that was showcased was excellent and inspiring.

    November 2022
  • Raymund Delmar

    Thank you for including The Tell Tale Heart (short movie) in the festival!

    October 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for screening this project on our platform Raymund!

  • Katrin Larissa Kasper

    Great experience getting feedback from other filmmakers and the knowledgeable Lift-Off-team. Received awesome advice that will help me with my future projects and had the chance to network. Highly recommend!

    October 2020
    Response from festival:

    It's been a pleasure to screen Appetite at a number of our events and nominate it for a Season Award for Best First-Time Film🏆! Always went down well with audiences and bought a giggle to many :D

  • The Festival notified of a selection for the Filmmaker Showcase and then later revealed that due to covid-19. The Festival was moved online. Following this, the showcase Festival decided to merge all the festivals into one online rented package where the public voted for the best films. This wasn't the theme of Festival I'd submitted to.

    August 2020
    Response from festival:

    Hi Cameron,

    We're genuinely sorry to hear your disappointment - we don't want to give any of our filmmakers a bad experience. We always take feedback very seriously, especially if it gives us an opportunity to improve.

    In the face of Covid, we've had very little time to migrate to an online model. We aren't web developers, but we wanted to screen as many of the deserving films as possible so we attempted to make a system that we hoped worked best. This has been designed in the heart of lockdown, while everyone was working at home, with a lot of plates to juggle.

    That being said, we do feel the festival presented a great opportunity for people to have their work watched by many people all over the world with stats that our live events cannot reach! So we do feel there were some positives we were able to draw from the situation.

    We will always strive to improve the systems we use (whether that's our traditional screenings or Covid-compatible models). We will try to be better next time. And wish you all the very best in your filmmaking journey, please stay in touch Cameron, we would love to see what you do next! Lift-off Global Network.

  • Awesome all around! Thank you!

    August 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for screening with us Joseph, hope the next projects in the pipeline are going well!