5 APR 2018 "White Nights Film Festival"
is now accepting applications for a third season.
Waiting for your movies.

In a world of huge amount of festivals held annually.
But in Russia, they are very few. "White Nights Film Festival" in St. Petersburg is designed for what would be at least as something to correct this situation.

We decided to give the opportunity to filmmakers from around the world to show their work at our festival. Special attention will be paid to students' works which provides significant discounts.

As our festival will be presented almost all film genres.

"White Nights Film Festival" will be held annually in April.

All films winners will receive awards.

Our second goal.

To enable our viewers to see a large number of interesting films from all over the world. As viewers will be able to participate in the award-winning.

Another good news is that we organize online movie viewing parties "White Nights Film Festival." As for the outcome of voting and number of views, will be the winners.
We are waiting for our festival.

"White Nights Festival Film"
Will have a second third from 19th - 21th April 2019.
In the conference hall of Hotel Park Inn by Radisson Nevsky St. Petersburg
Russian Federation St. Petersburg
4 lit. A, Goncharnaya Street , Nevsky Prospect


Rules & Terms of our company

This year is theme for our Film Festival is “New works in the movies” and should address new beginnings: as new filmmakers, new MBAs, new scripts. We are looking for creative quality feature and short films that are consistent with and/or celebrate the theme of the festival.
Keep in mind this is a young people - run event so excessive profanity, nudity, hate or violence inducing content will definitely not be selected to be screened.

This Agreement of Terms and Conditions is made effective upon your registration and/or electronic uploading and/or provision of any other digitaze copy of your film/video submission to the «White Nights Film Festival» submission page, by and between the «White Nights Film Festival» (here in after, “WNFF”),
E-mail: whitenightsfilmfestival@gmail.com and the individual submitter of a Film to the White Nights Film Festival (hereinafter referred to as “Film Submitter.”)

WNFF and Film Submitter are sometimes individually referred to as “Party” and collectively referred to as the “Parties”.

WHEREAS, Film Submitter will be performing the following services for WNFF:
The film submissions will be allowed to be publicly performed, displayed, used and/or streamed by WNFF on their college website and or their Annual Media Management WNFF on third party Facebook™, Word Press or any other Film Festival social network pages, as well as in any digital, visual, video or print advertising or promotional materials; and important , in exchange for valuable consideration, Film Submitter desires to hold harmless WNFF from any claims and/or litigation of the short film submission being submitted by Film Submitter for consideration for participation in the Sochi Film Festival, currently scheduled for December 16 and 18 2016 and providing these services.

NOW ,- in consideration of the mutual covenants and conditions contained here , SFF and Film Submitter hereby agree as follows:


1.Hold Harmless. Upon the performance of services by any of its employees, agents, invitees and/or volunteers for the purposes specified herein, Film Submitter shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless WNFF from any and all actual or alleged claims, demands, causes of action, liability, loss, damage and/or injury (to property or persons, including without limitation wrongful death), whether brought by an individual or other entity, or imposed by a court of law or by administrative action of any federal, state, or local governmental body or agency, arising out of or incident to any acts, omissions, negligence, or willful misconduct of Film Submitter its personnel, employees, agents, contractors, or volunteers in connection with or arising out of Film Submitter film or services. This indemnification applies to and includes, without limitation, the payment of all penalties, fines, judgments, awards, decrees, attorneys’ fees and related costs or expenses, and any reimbursements to WNFF for all legal expenses and costs incurred by it.

2.Authority to Enter Agreement. Each party who have signed this Agreement have the legal power, right, capacity and authority make this Agreement and bind each respective Party.

3. Modification. No supplement, modification, or amendment of this Agreement shall be binding unless executed in writing and signed by both parties.

4.Waiver. No waiver of any default shall constitute a waiver of any other default or breach, whether of the same or other covenant or condition. No waiver, benefit, privilege, or service voluntarily given or performed by a Party shall give the other Party any contractual right by custom, estoppels or otherwise.

5.Ownership. Film Submitter warrants, affirms and represents that he/she is the rightful owner of the copyright of the submission and will own maintain the rights to their project. Film Submitter hereby grants WNFF a non-exclusive, royalty-free, sub-licensable and transferable license to use the project to show, publicly perform, display, use and/or stream the submission on the WNFF website and/or at the Film Festival and/or on third party WNFF affiliated Facebook, Word Press sites or Film Festival Social Network pages or websites, and/or in promotional material for the Film Festival or school. SFF will have the right to publicize the project (including snippets of the film submission) as well as Film Submitter’s name and/or likeness for promotional purposes.

6.Content. Submissions may NOT include material that may be considered pornographic, obscene, hateful, violent or advertising a product or any commercial activity or that which would otherwise conflict with the schools mission. Film Submitter will be solely responsible for its own content and the consequences of submitting the content for the WNFF. Film Submitter hereby also expressly affirms, represents, and warrants that they own or have the necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions to publish, use, perform, display or otherwise submit all of the material in the product they submit for consideration in the Film Festival. The Film Submitter further expressly warrants, affirms and represents that the project submitted does not contain third party copyrighted material, or material that is subject to other third party proprietary rights, for which Film Submitter does not have the express and legal permission from the rightful owner of the material and that Film Submitter is otherwise legally entitled to use all of the material included in the submission for consideration to the WNFF and grants WNFF all of the license rights granted herein.

7.Submission is electronic signature. The parties agree that by the act of submission of a film to this site, Film Submitter explicitly agrees that he/she is agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions here.

March 25, 2016

Overall Rating
  • We are honored that the White Nights Film Festival chose our Documentary, Word from a Gamer. It was our first non-USA film festival ad we were super excited. I only wish we had the Russian subtitles done in time for the fest.

    April 2018
    Response from festival:

    Steve, Thank you for your kind words.

  • My feature script "Pride Jewel" was an Offical Selection at White Nights Film Festival. The communication was great once we were selected which was refreshing . Thank you White Nights for organizing a wonderful festival.

    April 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thank You Armen. We try to be the Best.

  • Heaven Kid

    This is indeed a great film festival. Not only is the organization perfect, but the service is wonderful as well. We enjoyed being part of it.

    April 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thank you