The Tasmanian eco Film Festival is a non politically affiliated film festival that uses cinematic storytelling to inspire connection and care of the natural world.

Now in our fourth year, after a whopping success of a first three years, the films chosen will screen at the State Cinema and / or at another venue in Hobart.

So what we want from you is bold, unique, arty, different, important, creative, high quality films. Stretch our minds with your film. We can't wait!

TeFF 2015 /2016 screened 9 feature films (6 Australian premieres) and 36 short films from all around the globe! We hosted 23 VIPS from the UK, USA, Africa and mainland Australia. Our VIPS included stellar people like, Chris Darwin (Charles Darwin's great great grandson), Prof. Moss and Prof. Galison from Harvard Univeristy, Costa Georgiadis, Matilda Brown, David Ritter (CEO Greenpeace Australia Pacific), Alice Englert (Jane Campion's daughter) Dr. Sylvia Earle (National Geographic Oceanographer in residence) to name just a few (a full list can be found on our website


All films must have some environmental focus or an aspect of environment in the story line.

We encourage the films submitted to be engaging and come from the premise that caring about the environment need not be boring.


Filmmakers are encouraged to submit fiction films that have an environmental flavour. Or that have been made environmentally minded (ie recycled sets, costumes, digital film etc)


Should your film become an Official Selection, we want you at the festival. Please confer with the TeFF office should travel or accommodations be an expense you can't shoulder. It is likely we won't have any money either, but we like to think we are adept in improvising travel and shelter arrangements -- and we'll do whatever we can to help get you to Hobart. As Hobart is at the bottom of the world we may not be able to help you get here but will come up with some other creative way to include you in the festival.


Selected films must be made available for Festival presentation in DCP 24 fps!!!!

If required, a KDM to unlock the film for testing must be sent at the time of supply also.
DCP Frame Rate should be 24fps (frames per second) NOT 25 fps.
Please ensure that program material with other frame rates are converted prior to creation of the DCP.

If you are not able to format your film into DCP 24fps due to cost and your film is chosen we can have it reformatted for you here at a very low cost (you pay).


Foreign language films must be made available with the original language soundtrack and English Subtitles.


If a film is invited to participate, the film must be shipped prepaid, insured and packed in proper containers. The Tasmanian eco Film Festival will not be responsible for return shipping charges (as it is a non-profit festival).

The Tasmanian eco Film Festival does not assume any liability for damage to prints due to improper containers or otherwise. All films in our possession will be insured against damage or loss while participating in the festival.


Materials of films selected for screening become the property of the Tasmanian eco Film Festival and can be used to promote the Tasmanian eco Film Festival and the programs of the Tasmanian eco Film Festival in all mediums including film, television, radio, print and the internet.

Entry fees will not be refunded.


Films are selected for Festival presentation by the Tasmanian eco Film Festival programming committee. If a film is selected, the Festival office will contact the entrant by phone or email.

All entrants will be notified on or before September 20, 2017.

The Tasmanian eco Film Festival will cannot pay to screen your film, as we are a non-profit and we need to spend the money we get from submissions for processing, administration and on assuring the festival offers a good experience to the audience and filmmaker.

By submitting their entry, the entrant guarantees that they have obtained all necessary rights and clearances, and that they have legal right to publicly screen and enter their entry into the Tasmanian eco Film Festival.

Overall Rating
  • Josephine Massarella

    This is an excellent festival! I strongly recommend it .

    November 2016