We've created NYC's first Vertical Film Festival and would love you to join us in this movement!

This form of storytelling opens the door to not only how you film, but the way you introduce characters, how sound design can further elevate the story, and the shooting dimensions that are outside the norm. Imagine working with a canvas of the same space, but the way you tell the story has completely changed. Height, depth, and levels are all more prominent in this ratio.

As creators and filmmakers begin to explore this space, we wanted to be sure to invite you to bring your unique talents and eye for storytelling to help pioneer this movement with us.

There is so much opportunity in this space and we would love to bring your ideas into the forefront and feature YOUR film!

Driven by an audience vote, the winner for our Winter Vertical Film Festival will get $2,000 cash!

Create a visual piece shot in Vertical Composition that tells a narrative.

Content can be shot using your equipment of choice (i.e. SLR, red, smartphone, etc.), but aspect ratio must be 9:16 for any submissions to be considered.

We want to challenge your creativity to tell an original narrative through vertical visual storytelling.

By submitting you give Slim Cinema the permission to use and screen your original piece during the festival and potentially use marks and images to promote the festival & use the content on Slim Cinema channels (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or website).