SCREENTEST: THE UK’S NATIONAL STUDENT FILM FESTIVAL was founded at Bristol University in 2004 and relocated to London in 2011 where we enjoyed another 5 brilliant years at London Southbank University. Now we live at the University of Greenwich.

The Festival is held annually over a weekend in Autumn (October 16 - October 18) and features a programme of not only over 100 student-made short films but also talks, workshops and bespoke screenings from a range of film industry organisations, including BAFTA and The BFI. The weekend’s highlight (aside from every single one of our superb films!) is our Awards ceremony, held on the Sunday evening, celebrating the best of student filmmaking from all over the UK.

2020 will be Screentest's 16th anniversary, making it the longest-running fest of its kind – which is all rather exciting but we don’t have time to stop and think about it! So have a browse of our website, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and most importantly buy a ticket and come on down to our Festival, where we can promise an exciting and eclectic programme of films you won’t see anywhere else.

Every year we create categories based on the types of submissions we receive. Industry professionals then judge these categories and the winner receives our Testie trophy.

The festival is held in Greenwich over a weekend in Autumn.

Films must be:

Made by students studying at a UK institution
Max: 20 minutes.
File sizes should be kept under 5GB. If this is a problem please contact the team -

Aside from that - anything goes!

Overall Rating
  • sean ramsden

    Unfortunately, I did not attend the festival. However, I did email the festival to ask if I could get a ticket even though I was only able to come for the 2nd day evening. However, I had no response from them, so missed the festival. My film was nominated for best drama too. It has now been a week since the festival and I have heard nothing back, so don't know if my film won or not. I have also emailed them about that...but no response. I'm sure the festival was brilliant, but they must work on their communication with people.

    November 2019
  • Here at Escape Studios in London we were delighted to have four of our short films: Minuet, Planet Mars, Adam & Eve Mk II and Jericho selected for the Screentest National Student Film Festival. Thanks for a great experience!

    November 2019
  • William Alexander Boyd

    This is a really good festival that you should look into submiting. A nice day out and good you see what your peers are doing.

    January 2019
  • Cristian-Ionut Necula

    Unfortunately, something came up last minute for me and I wasn't able to attend Screentest.
    However, I wasn't even fully convinced of going because of the communication I had with the festival or better said, lack thereof. They were either unresponsive or replied very late to my emails, their social media and website weren't updated... so apart from the promised networking opportunities and seeing my film screened at a festival, I wasn't that tempted to go.

    Also, I had to watch the playback of their live stream because they didn't post the results, only to see I wasn't even one of the nominees. So I don't know what happened between the shortlist stage and the nominations because there was no explanation provided on how that worked. Disappointing.

    October 2018
  • Screentest was an amazing festival with an amazing variety of Student films. The festival promoted low budget, indie filmmaking and provided plenty of opportunity for networking.

    I look forward to returning to this festival in years to come - extremely good value for money and a great selection of shorts.

    October 2018