The Expo is presented by the Eugene Film Society, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. It is held in Eugene, Oregon, a friendly, easy-to-navigate cultural mecca with plenty of opportunities to enjoy visual and performing arts. Located on Interstate 5, 100 miles south of Portland. Eugene is home to the University of Oregon and Lane Community College's vibrant dance and media programs. Starting as a festival to showcase local artists, the Expo now exhibits Screendance films from the Northwest and around the world.

Everyday, more and more people are appreciating Screendance as an art form. But the question remains: "What, exactly, is Screendance?" More than simply a filmed dance, Screendance is a true collaboration between dance and film, where the choreographer and filmmaker work together combining the techniques of creative movement with the techniques of filmmaking to create a kinetic experience which could never exist on a stage, but that can only exist within the context of a video or projection screen.

For 2019, we are searching for films that really nail that description! The films with the best chance of screening in the Expo are the ones that blend creative movement and film so exquisitely that the resulting work is far greater than the sum of its parts.

And we want to experience your definition of "creative movement"! A really large percentage of screendance films use postmodern dance as the movement vocabulary. But along with postmodern dance, there are many other forms of movement out there. We've seen a few hip-hop, ballet and animation-based films, which are beautiful starts. But what about artistic creations using folk dance, tai-chi, or even skateboards as the primary motion?

Show us the very best of your creative minds at work!

$500 Jury Award
$250 Audience Award
Additional cash awards TBD.

Each entrant warrants that they have either ownership, releases, clearances, licenses, or copyright permissions (collectively referred to as "permissions") for all material, media, locations and personnel associated with their film. The Eugene Film Society assumes no liability associated with the failure to obtain the above-listed permissions. In the event that a third-party dispute occurs due to the failure to obtain or the misuse of the above-listed permissions, the exhibitor(s) will hold the Eugene Film Society , it's officers, employees, interns, jurors, venues and other associated parties harmless for any legal fees, damages or other costs associated with said dispute.

Submissions will be made exclusively through FilmFreeway. Films will be juried in or out of the Expo by a panel of jurors selected by the Producers or their designees. Exhibitors will provide either Vimeo, YouTube or website links to their work for jury consideration, along with bios, program notes and any other material for use in the event their film is selected. If the work is password-protected, don't forget to provide the password!

The Eugene Film Society shall retain the license to use all or part of the accepted entries for marketing, promotional, or educational purposes deemed appropriate by the Eugene Film Society, without further compensation to the exhibitor(s). Accepted works may be added to the online archives of the Eugene Film Society .