X-Mas special: we accept all kind of Music Videos as usual. We just add this month a Special X-Mas category.

We're reaching our 5th year.
We created the fest when it was not a trend yet.

The only real monthly Music Video festival & competition with monthly screening.
The international pacemaker of Music Video festivals, we get copied over and over…

A call, a selection, winners, and a screening every month.
Yes, we offer a real, monthly screening in California:
- each call opens the first day of the month
- each screening takes place the last day of the month
- we screen with a HD file
- you never wait more than 29 days to know you final status

Submit any time to an annual category to be considered for the annual competition and screening.
2019 was in Paris, France
2018 was in Studio City, Los Angeles, California
2017 was on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California
2016 was in Paris, France

The IMVU is a rule-setter for Music Video festival.
We were the first festival to:
- create the best director, cinematographer, editor categories for our monthly and annual competitions
- launch a student category
- travel across the ocean for screenings, as an International event Festival
- promote Music Videos before the Music Video festivals became a market, before it became a niche, before it became a business.

Now, all music video festivals do the same.

We still are independent, transparent, and underground: our call really is open and made for rising bands, independent solo artists, creative musicians without a label, videomakers with a vision. Our selection for more than 4 years and 30 months shows our work, what we achieved, the bands and artists we supported and promoted.
Yes, we also selected famous artists, and artitsts signed with labels and record companies. Because we do not want to exclude people on the path of success: we want to support artits on this path. The only thing is: your Music Video has to be good. Artistic. Inspiring. Well executed. Visual. Creative… If you feel you are making things happen, then just give us what you got.

Adèle, Septicflesh, Macy Gray, Indochine, Mystery Skull, Vanessa Paradis, Helly Luv... They all submitted to us.
We selected and screened Music Videos starring Joshua Jackson, Danny Trejo, Keira Knightley, Ethan Peck...
We have a Cult Classic section in which we screened David Bowie, Macklemore, Bob Dylan, The Animals, Prince, Noir Désir, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Cranberries, Daft Punk...

A competition festival exclusively focused on music videos, music, dance films, animated music videos, and other special stuff made of music and video.
We select Music Videos and dance movies from all over the world and we screen them to give young artists both sides of the camera an opportunity to be noticed for their talents

You have music, you have images, and it's not a film? We want it.
It's bizarre or borderline ? Submit to Best Special Stuff and we will consider you with an open mind.

We are looking for all sorts of music videos. We are named the International Music Video Underground.
International means we accept videos from everywhere.
Music means we love music.
Video means you can do anything mixing images with music.
Underground means we are looking for fun, for ideas, for engaged artists, not only big budget productions. It also means we are approachable.

- high level competition: check our website to see for yourself
- budget friendly: the festival market is currently inflating its prices... We don't.
- you never wait more than 29 days to know your final status (winner, selection, not selected) -for the monthly category of course.

May 2018 speaker : Johnny Martin, director of Hangman starring Al Pacino, Karl Urban and Britanny Snow, director of Vengeance starring Nicolas Cage, producer of I Am Wrath starring John Travolta.
Check pictures and media on our Facebook page.
2018 Judges :
Stephen Shea (producer), AR Bjorklund (International Music Video Database), Auregan (performer), Nicolas Wendl (director).
2017 Judges :
Allie Lane (USA), Jay Sansone (USA), Jean-Paul Frenay (BELGIUM), Piet Baumgartner (SWITZERLAND), Eszter Angyalosy (HUNGARY), Video Rahim (USA) and Daniel Szőke (HUNGARY). More on our website : https://musicvideounderground.wordpress.com/2017-judges/
September 2019: Fat Boy Slim, Mumford & Sons.

May 2018 : Macklemore x Ryan Lewis (WINGS), The Cranberries (Zombie), Kylie Minogue (Can't Get You Out Of My Head)

May 2017 : Daft Punk (Around the World), Bob Dylan (Subterranean Homesick Blues), Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Sacrilege)

June 2016 : David Bowie (Space Odity), Noir Désir (L'Homme Pressé), Prince (Batdance) and The Animals (House of the Rising Sun).

AWARD certificates => distributed FREE for all categories.

Festival's pick =>submit to any category and you'll be considered in addition for:
- the festival's pick, monthly. For FREE.

A selection of winners get interviewed or reviewed by partner press outlets.

Facebook monthly & annual posts for winners, along the biggest names in the industry.

Please allow file download on FilmFreeway or Vimeo so your Music Video can screen in time!

Guys, when you submit to Best DOP and/or Best Editor : you must add the name of the editor and of the DP in your credits, in the FilmFreeway listing, in the "credits" category.
If not, you are just submitting ghosts, and you will be disqualified.
Student must come with picture of student card or equivalent. If not... We reserve the right to disqualify your submission.
When submitting to the DOP category, please DO FILL THE NAME OF THE DOP / CINEMATOGRAPHER into the credits section.

We accept Music Video, Dance Films from all nationalities.
Each category requires its entry fee.

Your Music Video may be a music video intended for a band, but also a music video you edited with existing footage or existing music.
Your work must be under 10 minutes.
We DO accept documentaries about music.

Your work may include some dialog parts, if these are not preeminent in the final edit.
If there is a long and a short edit of your work, please submit with the short one. If selected, we'll chat with you about the best version to screen.
Works in progress are not accepted.
We only accept online digital submissions.
We accept any form : live, animation, stop-motion... As long a music and video make it a Music Video.
The festival is the one and only to choose which award category you may fit in. We may repurpose your submission to the category it fits best.
Entry fees are non-refundable. 

We do not provide feedback about the selection or not selection.

The festival organizers may refuse any illegal, non-artistic, fake, false, incomplete entries.
The festival do NOT take care of travel nor accommodation expenses. We can give you good adresses of hotels in a walking distance to the festival.

Overall Rating
  • We are very honored for the win! Fantastic Festival. Great communication. Definitely recommend!

    May 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thank you James! We hope to watch your next work!

  • Toby Lawhon

    Thank you for selecting our video! Good communication and thank you for the opportunity.

    September 2018
    Response from festival:

    Toby, we're glad you liked it. Talk soon!

  • ibrahim koç

    Thank you so much Dear International Music Video Underground!

    May 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Ibrahim. All the best, sincerely.

  • Francesco Belligerante

    Thank you for selecting our movie. Good communication and excellent event

    May 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Francesco for your support, it means a lot. All the best to you.

  • Wouldn't submit again. Video was offered screening then after I booked my trip to LA from Seattle received an email stating that the video would not be screened even though it was a finalist.
    Waste of money and energy.

    May 2018
    Response from festival:

    Sami, we understand how you feel and you know we've been talking directely to you all along.
    After the first call, as a consequence of the enormous amount of feedback this year, it had to be decided to screen the winners.
    It is frustrating, even for us and for great videos like yours.
    And because of that we did offer a free submission, to us or any other partner festival of your choice.
    This offer still stands as you didn't respond yet.
    Wishing you all the best with this Music Video all your other projects.