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Georgia, USA students in K-12 can enter a film for FREE. Select the correct category.

LIFF-GA is a film festival for everyone! We welcome professional independent filmmakers, high school students, middle school students, student news programs and documentarians with about 95 possible awards to be given.

Please don't submit films previously submitted.


Event Dates:

May 2, 2025 for K-12 entries
May 3, 2025 for college and independent filmmakers

Films that receive a final decision of "OFFICIAL SELECTION" status will be screened and may win additional awards.

Films that receive HONORABLE MENTION status were great films, but will not be screened due to time constraints and will not receive additional awards.

Awards not collected at the festival can be mailed to the filmmaker for the cost of the shipping.

African American Award
Best Acting Ensemble - Feature
Best Acting Ensemble - Short
Best Actor in a Feature
Best Actor in a Short
Best Actress in a Feature
Best Actress in a Short
Best Cinematography in a Feature
Best Cinematography in a Short
Best Costuming - Feature
Best Costuming - Short
Best Directing in a Feature
Best Directing in a Short
Best Feature - Domestic
Best Feature - International
Best Short - Domestic
Best Short - International
Best Sound Track in a Feature
Best Sound Track in a Short
Best South Eastern United States Film
Best Supporting Actor in a Feature
Best Supporting Actor in a Short
Best Supporting Actress in a Feature
Best Supporting Actress in a Short
Best Visual Effects in a Feature
Best Visual Effects in a Short
Best Writing in a Feature
Best Writing in a Short
Best Young Actor in a Feature
Best Young Actor in a Short
Best Young Actress in a Feature
Best Young Actress in a Short
Domestic College Animation
Domestic College Documentary
Domestic College Feature
Domestic College Short
Domestic Independent Animation
Domestic Independent Documentary
Domestic Independent Feature
Domestic Independent Short
First-Time Filmmaker's Award
Georgia High School Animation 1st
Georgia High School Animation 2nd
Georgia High School Animation 3rd
Georgia High School Documentary 1st
Georgia High School Documentary 2nd
Georgia High School Documentary 3rd
Georgia High School Feature 1st
Georgia High School Feature 2nd
Georgia High School Feature 3rd
Georgia High School Short 1st
Georgia High School Short 2nd
Georgia High School Short 3rd
Georgia K-8 Animation 1st
Georgia K-8 Animation 2nd
Georgia K-8 Animation 3rd
Georgia K-8 Documentary 1st
Georgia K-8 Documentary 2nd
Georgia K-8 Documentary 3rd
Georgia K-8 Short 1st
Georgia K-8 Short 2nd
Georgia K-8 Short 3rd
Independent International Animation
Independent International Documentary
Independent International Feature
Independent International Short
International College Student Animation
International College Student Documentary
International College Student Feature
International College Student Short
International High School Feature 1st
International High School Feature 2nd
International High School Feature 3rd
International High School Student Animation 1st
International High School Student Animation 2nd
International High School Student Animation 3rd
International High School Student Documentary 1st
International High School Student Documentary 2nd
International High School Student Documentary 3rd
International High School Student Short 1st
International High School Student Short 2nd
International High School Student Short 3rd
International K-8 Animation 1st
International K-8 Animation 2nd
International K-8 Animation 3rd
International K-8 Documentary 1st
International K-8 Documentary 2nd
International K-8 Documentary 3rd
International K-8 Short 1st
International K-8 Short 2nd
International K-8 Short 3rd
Latin Award
LGBTQIA+ in Film
Veterans Award
Women in Film Award

1. We accept submissions from all over the world.
2. Submissions not in English must have English subtitles.
3. High School and Middle School submitters may be asked to provide proof of enrollment - typically a picture of a student ID badge or card.
4. While we know that love, horror and gore are common, exciting topics we ask that scenes and acts of love or violence be tasteful and graphically conservative as we have festival participants of all ages.
5. Applicants whose films are OFFICIALLY SELECTED will be asked to provide a poster.
6. Media MUST be uploaded to FilmFreeway
7. Be sure that you have the rights to all images, music, voices, etc. Entries who cannot verify ownership will be disqualified.
8. Do not enter films already submitted in earlier LIFF-GA seasons.
9. Films should have been completed after Jan 1, 2023.

Overall Rating
  • Kobi Yonatan

    Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to present my film at your important film festival.

    May 2024
  • Excellent Festival. So magical to be one of the SELECTED films.

    May 2024
  • Humbled to have "Transient" be a part of the LIFF-GA. Joseph L Frew-Miller was an absolute joy to work with and was incredibly responsive and helpful throughout the entire process.

    Thank you for a wonderful experience! Would definitely submit to the festival again and recommend it strongly.

    May 2024
  • Such an amazing festival. It is very well run. They have great communication. You are kept up to date with everything that is happening. You are provided with links to see promotion activity. And they encourage young filmmakers, which is awesome. We were also very honored that they selected our New Zealand film to play at the festival. I wish I could have been there, as it looked like a great time.

    May 2024
  • Autumn Libengood

    Being apart of LIFF-GA was such an incredible honor and we were so humbled the would award our film “Life After” with outstanding achievement award. Thank you. We adored working with Joseph, we was promote, kind and very professional. Thank you again!

    May 2024