The Indie-Clips Short Film Festival is hosting its 2nd edition in June 2022 and your short film could become a part of our live event in London!

If you are a student filmmaker and/or aged between 16 and 25 years old, we would be happy to review your short film!

Not a student anymore? Submit your short film, soundtrack or pitch via our Professionals Package and get your project screened on!

At indie-clips, we believe that every filmmaker deserves a chance for their work to be seen by a larger audience, that is why every short film submitted to our festival will be selected and screened at our online event.


Saturday 18th June 2022

🤝Networking competition and lunch with filmmakers 12-2pm
Join filmmakers, music composers and more in our networking competition! The goal: make networking a fun, exciting game for you to meet everyone and be able to use your connections in the future.

Enjoy snacks and drinks while chatting with your new contacts from the networking event!

🗣️ "Speed-networking" with industry professionals 3-4:45pm
Wish to speak to industry professionals and get some useful tips for the future of your filmmaking / music career? We are setting up our "speed-networking" event to mix and match you with professionals of the film and music industry to make sure you get as many pro tips as you can!

💡Pitching event 5-6:30pm
Our pitching event is organised in partnership with Smash: an online pitch builder that connects filmmakers and their ideas to the interested producers. Come and pitch an idea for a short film, a series... Or even a company / product / service that will benefit the creative industries!
The winning pitch will benefit from professional feedback, a 1:1 tutorial with a creative entrepreneur/professional filmmaker, an award and more!

Sunday 19th June 2022

🎤 Sessions with Film Judges 2-5pm:
Come listen and ask any questions to the judges of this year's festival before the screening of the winning short films and award ceremony!

🏆 Screening and Award Ceremony 5-8pm:
The winning short films will be screened in the Curzon Cinema and winners will be awarded their Indie-Clips Short Film Festival award for the closing night of this year's festival!

All festival events will be taking place at Goldsmiths, University of London: one of London's top universities in the arts, known for its inclusive and artistic dynamism!

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This year, our panel of judges is composed by award-winning film and music professionals including:

- JORDI MORERA: Producer of "Do not feed the Pigeons": BAFTA winner 2022 best animation. Jordi has worked in London as a creative producer on projects across film, TV, and commercials for over 8 years. His range of skills covers the development and physical production. Holds an MA in Producing from the National Film and Television School and a first in Design at Goldsmiths University.

- GERRY MCCULLOGH: With over 30 years of experience, Gerry is the creator of the prestigious MA Filmmaking course at Goldsmiths, University of London and convenor of the MA Cinematography course; ex-director working for a BAFTA and EMMY nominated studio.

- NEIL PYMER: Award-winning independent director; D&AD Pencils nominated: won 3/5 pencils; gold, silver and bronze Cannes Lions winner & nominated twice for Children's BAFTA.

- NATASHA MARBURGER: Natasha is the festival director of the London Independent Film Festival and the Los Angeles International Film Festival. She is also a co-director of Cine-Excess, and has been producing films for over 10 years, including the directorial debut short film by Cathy Tyson titled ‘Lilian’.

- PETER CHIPPING: Peter is a multi-award winning television director, producer and writer. He’s worked on many genres across ITV, BBC, C5 and American TV channels; National Geographic, Discovery ID, The Crime and Investigation channel and Reelz. He has a long experience of making programmes from drama to specialist factual, with credits spanning Nazi Megastructures, Autopsy: The Last Hours of, Car S.O.S to true crime, featuring some of the world’s most notorious serial killers. Peter has also lectured and mentored at Ravensbourne University and The Met Film School, and is a full voting member of BAFTA.

- ABD AL-KADER: Abd Al-Kader is a Syrian cinematographer who worked in Syria during the most difficult times and filmed six years of the conflict. He was described as the 'symbol of the revolution’ when a photo of him rescuing a child became viral. He has worked with several international channels such as the BBC and CNN as a Cinematographer and field producer. After living and documenting the siege of Aleppo, he fled to the UK in 2017. Habak lives in London where he is building working as documentary filmmaker.

- ALBERTO ORNELAS: Professional music composer & Independent Filmmaker

- VICTORIA MALINJOD: Award-winning documentary filmmaker focusing on issues such as sexual harassment and feminism.

- MASSIMILIANO SAPPA: Independent Filmmaker specialised in mixing elements of thriller/horror with comedy

- ELCID ASAEI: Professional cinematographer and editor working in London

- PAUL BARRIE: Royal Television Society award-winning screenwriter/director; Film Tutor at Edinburg Youth Theatre.

- AMELIA NASHE: Member of BBC Scottish Voices, Award-winning Screenwriter


We would like to thank our partners who are helping the Indie-Clips Short Film Festival to be a great event this year!

- SMASH: An online pitch builder welcoming ideas for Features, Shorts, TV... And putting in relation the filmmakers and the relevant industry professionals.

- ScriptWright: A script consultancy company helping all aspiring writers to develop their work.

- Rebekah "The Film Doctor": A consultancy service offering a specialised and personalised advice for films during their festival circuit and a film-doctoring service.

- Screenwriter Lab: an organisation aiming to democratise the access to opportunity in film and TV by connecting talents to industry professionals.

- 3xM Productions: An Oxford-based production company focusing on Artist and Events Management, Marketing and Promotions, Web Development and Branding.

- iPitch.TV offers a next generation platform for creators of original pitches for TV, Film & Digital Media to share in our marketplace with Entertainment Industry Professionals.

For this year's Indie-Clips Short Film Festival, we are naming our categories in honour to those great, classic films and filmmakers that have forged the Film History.

1. The Ciotat Train (Best Short Film)
Your short film needs to be maximum 15 minutes long and can be of any genre (romance, drama, comedy, horror...)

2. The Nanook (Best Short Documentary)
Your film needs to be maximum 15 minutes long. We do not impose the subject of your short documentary.

3. The Jack (Best Actor)
Best male lead in a short film of any genre. Please attach a cover letter specifying the actor/character contesting for the award

4. The Rose (Best Actress)
Best Female Lead in a short film of any genre. Please attach a cover letter specifying the actress/character contesting for the award.

5. The Toland (Best Cinematography)
The short film needs to be maximum 15 minutes long and can be of any genre (romance, drama, comedy, horror...)

6. The Jazz Singer (Best Original Soundtrack)
We accept short films with music OR a soundtrack on its own for this category.
Original Soundtracks must be under 7 minutes long. Please send us your Original Soundtrack as a separate .wav or .mp3 project or send us the short film featuring the soundtrack as a video file.

7. The Mockingjay (Best Pitch)
For this category, we are expecting a pitch of less than 5 minutes telling us about your idea for your next hit short film!
Please, upload your pitch as a video in .mp4 format (or other video format) or send us a powerpoint at titled "PITCH SUBMISSION"

You can also create a professional-looking Pitch Deck and submit to our festival for free via our partner platform SMASH:

** The Actors Package (Best Short Film + Best Male + Best Female)
Submit your short film, one male actor and one female actress to enter the competition at a discounted price. Please attach a cover letter specifying the 2 actors/characters contesting for the award.

** The Cinematographer Package (Best Short Film + Best Cinematography)
Submit your film into both Best Short Film and Best Cinematography categories at a discounted price.

** The Grand Slam Package (ALL Categories EXCEPT Pitch & Best Documentary)
Submit your work under all categories at a discounted price (Best Short Film, Best Cinematography, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Soundtrack). Best Pitch and Best Documentary categories not included.


- All short films & short documentaries submitted will be screened amongst our online selection of short films and be promoted on our social media !

- The Judges Selection and Award-Winning short films will be screened during our live screening on the 19th ofJune 2022 in Goldsmiths' University's Curzon Cinema, London.

- Winning films, soundtracks and pitches will benefit from a free one-on-one consultation with an industry professional in the relevant field (director, cinematographer, music composer...)

- Free professional feedback will be available to all winning projects!

- All winners will receive an award statuette in the related category!

- The winning pitch will be invited to perform their pitch in front of our live audience and the indie-clips committee at Goldsmiths, University of London. 

1. Short films and short documentaries submitted in any category must be under 15 minutes long and sent as a video file (eg .mov)

2. Original Soundtracks must be under 7 minutes long.

3. Original Soundtracks must be sent as a .wav or .mp3 file or send the short film featuring the soundtrack as a video file.

4. The pitch must be under 5 minutes long and sent as a video file (eg .mov)

5. The director or producer of the film / soundtrack or pitch presenter must be between 16 and 25 years old or enrolled in an educational institution as a student (proof of identity must be provided).

6. Any foreign film that is not in English must include English subtitles.

7. All submissions are non-refundable.

8. Filmmakers can submit their film in multiple categories in order to become a multi-award film.

9. By submitting your film, you authorise Indie-Clips Short Film Festival to use, distribute and share the film poster, trailer, synopsis and movie stills in our social media.

10. Short Films do not need to retain any sort of premiere status. Any short film that has already been screened at other events will still be considered eligible for an award and might be screened at the Indie-Clips Short Film Festival.

Exceptional circumstances and other enquiries may be reviewed upon contacting the festival body at