Due to the high Volume of film submissions, we have had to push the online festival event dates to Dec, 6 - 10, with a new notification date which will help bring in more submissions to the festival. The new notification date will now be posted for Nov 26th 2021.

About Us Festival & Awards is a one of a kind event that is dedicated to the comic book and pop culture industry. We are a genre based festival with a mission to showcase the best in comic book culture, pop culture and the world of gaming, cosplay, toy culture and more.

Our festival takes place annually with a goal to provide filmmakers and media creators a platform to expose their work on our streaming service and TV channel which can be found online on our website and on

Our platform is looking for latest content to add on to our streaming service and online channel. With our annual festival and awards event we plan to find the best selections and add them to our platform to showcase annually. With annual prizes and awards our goal is to give filmmakers and content producers a deserving chance in achieving distribution and exposure for their content.

All selections will be added to our film and TV library with a licensing deal to help filmmakers monetize from their content on our platform. Our platform will feature their films and shows and help them monetize on a pay per view format provided by

All films and shows selected will be required to screened on our live streaming site during the festival days. All content will be showcased as part of the Heroeslive.TV channel and platform for a minimum of 2 years to a maximum of 5 years based on options provided upon selection process with option to self renew at the 5 year mark.

As part of the film festival, all winning films and selection have the option for a Global or domestic distribution deal with and its subsidiary White Night Studios Inc.

White Night Studios Inc. currently produces Canadian and International content for broadcast television and VOD services, featured on Amazon Prime, and a variety of other Canadian and International outlets within broadcast and Video on demand platforms.

As part of the award, winning films receive a credit in Post production servicing from White Night Studios Inc. Prize Claim can be used towards mixing, mastering, sound design.

Grand Prize Winner - Receives Special Post Production Services Prize with White Night Studios Inc.

In addition, the film will be selected as a top title acquisition into the White Night Studios Inc. library. All winners will also receive Awards certification from and a special sponsored gift prize package worth over $500 USD which will be announced on the week of the live showcase.

All finalists will also receive an industry prize package provides invaluable resources and industry contacts with a certification awards from Festival & Awards - Rules and Regulations

A 1. Any products, films, and media works which may affect the outcome of the festival and its events.

A 2. All films can be submitted digitally as screeners to be downloaded as it is easier for us to view as screeners this way. If you cannot provide a digital screener copy DvD, MiniDV, are accepted, as well as Betacam formats. (ALL SCREENERS WILL NOT BE RETURNED)

A 3. Movies of Pornographic Nature are prohibited from the festival. (Nudity is Accepted!) Language and freedom of speech is practiced as part of this festival so feel free to say what's on your mind. That is why we're here.

B 1. Final Exhibition formats are accepted only as digital links on either
Vimeo, Youtube or Dailymotion links which can be submitted up to 2 week prior to online festival. Our will be uploaded on to our youtube channel for submission at through email contact upon selection.

B 2. Selections for categories/programs will be based on terms created for each individual category. Festival & Awards reserves the right to reject/decline any film(s)which we feel may be unsuitable for the film festival.

B 3. All submitted projects must be produced and completed no earlier than Jan 1st 2015. Materials may be submitted with a Production Package/Media Kit. A minimum of 3 production stills or artwork is
suggested for submission with the film. Media Kits may include the following: tagline, synopsis, film description, film treatment, art and stills, press clippings(optional), cast list, crew list, and any affiliations with other production/distribution companies.

B 4. When submitting by mail please forward all tape or reel materials to the following address or the submission will be revoked without a refund of submission fees.

1881 Steeles Avenue West, Unit 338
M3H 0A1

B5. All company cheques, personal cheques and money orders are to be made payable to "White Night Studios Inc.". Cheques which are "not sufficient in funds" (NSF) will be revoked entry until the owed amount is paid in full.

B6. Please note that "" does not return preview and/or exhibition copies of materials.

B7.By registering and submitting to "" you acknowledge our right to review, screen and place judgment upon the media which is submitted.

The applicant submitting their film acknowledges's right to revoke, and decline acceptance to the festival, its categories, awards, and competitions.

By agreeing to these terms, the applicant acknowledges that there is no refunds post submission and that the submission fee is paid to servicing department as part of the submission processing and handling. All shipping and handling fees are to be incurred by the filmmaker upon requesting the return of submitted materials.

Furthermore, all applicants acknowledge the use of images from their film(s) upon acceptance of the submission process to further display methods of promotion for their film within the film festival's promotional activities and any of its subsidiaries or channels.

In addition filmmakers and content creators acknowledge that the festival, its channel(s) including its online video on demand platform grants the festival, and its subsidiaries rights to showcase all accepted work on the platform throughout the first 2 years of the of acceptance, and up to 5 years based on the duration the festivals decision to keep it in its library of content.

Lastly, If the festival and its subsidiaries decides to licence a film for further distribution past its platform a separate agreement will be placed and filmmakers / producers will be contacted directly if chosen by the festival or its subsidiaries.

All content is subject for removal at the discretion of from the festival, its channel or VOD platform at anytime and for whatever reason if the festival deems it unfit
for viewing.

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