Our Filmfestival is the pioneering space, in the exhibition of experimental content in cinema, which seeks to show excellence and innovation in the independent production of the film world. Celebrate aesthetic diversity, new narratives, and new media and formats; a program that reveals the complexity of social, cultural and artistic phenomena. We understand "experimental cinema, like cinema that originates from the visual arts". A divergent cinema, that vanishes the boundaries with art, emphasizing the experimental modes of creation; enhancing the alternative creative processes that prefer beauty to business, language to industry, the aesthetic importance to the number of spectators and the formation of the public to the show.

Grand Prix: SANTORO statuette. Dynamic sculpture created by the master Carlos Santa, which symbolizes experimentation as a constantly evolving creative act.

We accept works with challenging and diverse content, but we do not support misogynistic, sexist, racist, classist and homophobic works in any of their forms.
• The works should last from 1 to 20 minutes.
• The works must have been completed between 2019 and 2020.
• International works of non-Hispanic language must have subtitles in Spanish.
• Works in Spanish works must have English subtitles.
• The Films must have the rights over all the artistic material that appears in the work.
• The Festival gives priority to national and international premieres of the films.
• Films that are not properly registered will not be accepted.
• The owners of the selected films consent that they be shown both in a physical venue and in the possible virtual exhibition that could be held this year.
• The festival commits to circulate the selected films in our allied festivals: Alucine Media Art Latin Fest, Cinemattic, Filmouflage, without exclusive distribution rights.
• CINETORO understands that the person responsible for the work (director, producer, distributor) is the owner of the distribution and copyright. The festival is based on the good faith of those responsible for registration and under no circumstances is responsible for disputes over the rights of the music, the image or the authorship of the work or the elements that compose it.
• The festival does not pay exhibition fees.

The selected works will be notified by email and published on our website on September 4 of 2020.

The selected works, once notified, must send the following files to the festival organization through the Internet, within the deadlines required for film traffic control:
• Digital file in .MOV / MP4 format (1920 X 1080) in its original resolution with H.264 compression scheme or greater than 6 seconds. // DCP file "Flat" 1: 85: 1 (Optional)

• AUTHORIZATION: Work Use License (completed and signed) the organization will provide format through curaduria@cinetoro.co as soon as the film is selected.
• Poster of the work in JPG 72dpi format in its original size
• 1 Photograph of the director of work in JPG 72dpi format
• 2 frames of the work in JPG 72dpi format
• The photographs and advertising material of the work will be used by the organization of the festival in order to promote the participation of the work within the framework of the festival and the activities of the festival.
• Project trailer (Optional)
• By signing the registration form, the filmmaker authorizes CINETORO EXPERIMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL to use all promotional materials presented, including, but not limited to, still-frames, descriptions, director's biography and film screening history in any and all forms of media for the express purpose of promoting and advertising the festival. Please note that the CINETORO EXPERIMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL may ask filmmakers for permission to use clips from the officially selected films for television and Internet advertising. However, the festival will limit the footage to less than a minute and will not authorize the television broadcast of any work without the direct consent of the filmmaker and / or producers.