CMFF provides a vehicle for nationwide exposure of quality, thought provoking and envelope pushing films. It's a celebration that focuses on stories, people, and passions that are too often unexplored or honored in mainstream filmmaking.

Categories at CMFF range from documentaries, dramas, comedies, music videos, sci-fi / horror, inspirational films, animation and LGBTQ stories.

CMFF is the place to mix and mingle with other like-minded filmmakers while enjoying red carpet premieres and an exciting awards event that honors an film industry personality and recognizes community pacesetters.

Awards and film laurels are given to the best in various categories such as: Best Film, Best of Fest, and Audience Favorite.

Films/videos entered into competition must have been completed after January 1, 2016.

Entries must not have been exhibited previously at a film festival in the Chicago-land area.

Each project entered into competition must pay an entry fee. There is no limit to the number of qualifying entries by any entrant so long as an entry form and fee accompanies each entry. Foreign language entries must be subtitled with English subtitles. Films/videos cannot be re-entered into competition or the festival in general if previously rejected from Chi-Town Multicultural Film Festival.

-Films are not eligible for any of the Chi-Town Multicultural Film Festival categories if released before November 2, 2018 via the following: *have been or will be exhibited publicly at one or more non-festival screenings *broadcast *streamed *televised
*the Internet*home video *other public distribution platform (Blu-ray, DVD, streaming, VOD, etc...)

-Filmmakers submitting their film for consideration of the 2018 Chi-Town Multicultural Film Festival must be a minimum of 18 years old or if under 18 years of age, you must have parental/or a guardian's permission.

-Filmmakers submitting in the English language or have English language subtitles.

-Films can be shot in any format and must be completed (credits, etc.)

-Shorts, animations and music videos must be no longer than 20 minutes running time.

-For Documentaries, it must be non-fiction, and no minimum running time required.

-Feature Films-films must have a minimum running time of seventy-two (72) minutes.

Mailing instructions

If mailing submissions, there must be two (2) completed submission form(s) signed. All submission fees are non-refundable and must be paid by Money Order or Cashier’s check only. Please make it payable to:
Totally Free Productions
P.O. Box 16206
Chicago, IL 60616-0206

-Must mail two (2) DVD's of film. Please do not send sase or originals, as they will not be returned. No Pal formats accepted.

-Two (2) copies of filmmaker bio and synopsis.

-Two (2) copies of photo stills from the film.

-One (1) self-address post card (will serve as notification of receipt of materials).

-Title and name of entry must be on all materials and containers.

-Can submit multiple entries, however, separate form and fee are required for each.

-Filmmakers will be solely responsible for the delivery of their film (including all shipping cost) regardless of format to and from the festival.

Legal Notice: When submitting a film to the Chi-Town Multicultural Film Festival you are representing that you are; (a) duly authorized to submit such film; (b) are in fact committing such film for screening at the Chi-Town Multicultural Film Festival l if accepted and; (c) hereby do so in consideration of a submission fee and the festival's promise to screen your film, if selected (excusing any technical issues). Accordingly, your submission constitutes a binding agreement between the Chi-Town Multicultural Film Festival and you as the applicant or filmmaker pursuant this this agreement. If your film is selected, you shall submit a Mini DV, Blu-ray screening copy. You further agree to adhere to all rules and regulations of the festival. The rules and regulations of the festival are provided upon your request in writing or email. You agree to hold the Chi-Town Multicultural Film Festival and Totally Free Productions harmless from any damage whatsoever, including the loss of the screening/exhibition copy enroute or otherwise during the course of the festival’s possession of your film. You understand and agree that the Chi-Town Multicultural Film Festival is not obligated to return any film not personally retrieved at the close of screening. Should any liability or damage result or legal action commence from a third party naming you or the Chi-Town Multicultural Film Festival , as a result of your submission, and/or the exhibition of your film, you agree to indemnify Chi-Town Multicultural Film Festival and Totally Free Productions and its affiliates. By submitting your film, you are confirming that you have read and fully understand the above terms and conditions and hereby agree that it constitutes your electronic signature and agreement upon submission. Any breach of the agreement by you may result in your film's disqualification and cancellation.

Entrants shall obtain all licenses, royalties, and permits necessary to present their work. Entrant will assume all costs arising from the use of patented, trademarked, franchised or copyrighted music, materials, devices, processes, or dramatic rights used in production of work. Entries previously exhibited on the Internet are eligible for entry so long as they meet the above requirements.

The Festival is not responsible for returning screening tapes unless entrant includes a self-addressed stamped envelope or retrieves the film during the festival. Entry fees are not refundable. Self-addressed stamped envelopes with insufficient postage will be discarded.

Overall Rating
  • W. Trent Welstead

    Participating in this festival was an enjoyable, valuable experience! The organizer was both friendly, and efficient in communication. I'm thrilled to have had my short film selected for screening!

    January 2018