NEWS * February 14, 2023
The 17th TiSFF will take place in October and as always will be the Cinema part of Thessaloniki's 58th DIMITRIA Arts Festival.
In 2023 TiSFF will be a "hybrid" festival, October 13,14,15, on the big screen of the beautiful Marketaki Cinema in the Port of Thessaloniki AND online for 2 weeks, using the same program as the last two years on the DIMITRIA Vimeo platform.
This, will enable cinephiles to watch our entire program, watch again a film that impressed them, as each daily program will stay on-line for 7 days.

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Some comments from directors & critics:

"Thank you very much Yiannis personally and the entire creative team of the HIGHLY SUBVERSIVE TiSFF festival"...
Pavlos Vissariou, director of multi-awarded film NOSTOS ๐Ÿ˜

Prof. A. Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos * Univ. of Westminster
My short review for perhaps the most exciting short film festival :
"What is is about TiSFF that sets it apart from other short film festivals around the world? I have a feeling it is down to two things:
First, a daring, risk-taking, boundary-pushing curating that discovers new and showcases established film artists, all of whom precipitate the collapse of social prejudices and prefabricated notions of what the body, the city, gender, emotions, future or even art is.
And second, because it takes place in this surprisingly edgy and experimental city of Thessaloniki - one of Europe's best kept secrets - fleshing out its radical heart with a rare pride of place."

Shorts selected for TiSFF have reached prestigious festival as nominees and winners, CEZAR awards, OSCARS, EFA etc. etc.
a "no-words" quick review of TiSFF 2021 :
๐Ÿ˜œ14,317 Views / 27,478 Impressions ( Vimeo Analytics)
* 3 for the 2022 OSCARS
* 7 for the 2022 CESAR Award, France
* 5 for the 2022 MAGRITTE Award, Belgium
* 5 films from TiSFF 2021 in the Close-Up list

Our 2022 Cinematic Achievement Awards :
The TiSFF Committee is VERY happy with the number of woldwide viewers of our
99 film program ( VIMEO Analytics) :
Greece 13,233 viewers:
Japan 542 Australia 357
U.S.A. 531 France 253
U.K. 228 Taiwan 127
Denmark 202 Belgium 105
Hong Kong 71 Canada 65 etc.
note: in spite of the fact that TiSFF was geo-blocked for Greece & Cyprus only.

Our 2021 Cinematic Achievement Awards:
๐Ÿ˜œ14,317 Views / 27,478 Impressions ( Vimeo Analytics)
* 3 for the 2022 OSCARS
* 7 for the 2022 CESAR Award, France
* 5 for the 2022 MAGRITTE Award, Belgium
* 5 films from TiSFF 2021 in the Close-Up list

* Submit films in H264 /H265, mp4 , ideally about 2- 3Gb.
* ALL films MUST have embedded ENGLISH SUBTITLES *** (even if english dialog)
* PLEASE indicate if for the on-line screening your prefer "international" or "geo-blocked for Greece"....we intend to have both may change before our deadline.
include:* Trailer * Poster * Photos * EPK

* "Semi-Finalist" is only for our internal pre-selection process, actually indicates "short-listed", NOT a final selection for the program.
Final selections are affected by total screening hours available for the festival.

Overall Rating
  • TiSFF is a wonderful festival with an incredible selection, I was honored to be part of such a beautiful program. Great audience, lively and cinephile, and an amazing team lead by Yiannis Zachopoulos, a true cinema lover. The venue is quite amazing too, a cinema on the sea front.

    November 2023
  • Penny Kiss

    It was such an honour to have been a part of TISFF, i saw amazing inspirational films.
    I can only recommend this festival and all the amazing people who screen their films every year. Yannis goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome and the quality of the other films was excellent. Many thanks to Yannis
    Really great film festival

    November 2023
    Response from festival:

    not good with words, Penny...a big lasting hug.....and eagerly waiting for your next like water & full of love

  • Excellent Festival and excellent communication !

    October 2023
  • Dimitris Tsilinikos

    A festival with a variety of content and a great curator! Yiannis Zachopoulos thanx for the opportunity to communicate our collective work to the audience of Thessaloniki!

    October 2023
  • P M Films

    best festival.. with very good and interesting selections of films

    November 2022
    Response from festival:

    sincere thanks, Pavlos !