2017 *Cinematic Achievement Awards * http://tisff.eu/awards/2017

"TiSFF is an amazing festival, unlike any other! True excellence in programmation, the selection is dense and coherent, obviously driven and compiled with the most profound love and care for human and cinematic values... I was struck by the sensitive and sometimes bold way in which the films respond and echo each other throughout the various programs. Nicolas Graux ...

"TiSFF is a festival for purists and film lovers.
It has the best selection of films of any festival we have attended.
I watched over 50 of the best short films at TiSFF 2016".
Dejan Mrkic , director of SILENCE /U.K.

It always struck me how audacious the program of TISFF was.
Something I profoundly admire as pushing boundaries is exactly what art and here more specifically, short films should be all about....people start to realize getting selected for TiSFF means a lot, even more so than for other Oscar Qualifying or big name short film festivals... what TISFF stands for: giving a voice to people who might one day change the landscape of Cinema.
Wim Vanacker, director & Head of NISI MASA

The quality of the films presented was extremely impressive, which made me even more proud of being part of the game…The creativity of the films chosen was fantastic. And the way films were combined to provide some amazing programs was clever and sensitive.
Patrick Guedj www.patrickguedj.fr

..priceless !!!, when visiting directors from Paris, Brussels, Moscow, London, Denmark,Serbia, Kosovo, Istanbul, write words as the above !

TiSFF takes place since 2007 in Thessaloniki, Greece and is highly focused on cutting-edge shorts cinema that indeed advance the art of cinema.

Shorts initially screened in TiSFF have reached prestigious festival as nominees and very often winners, CEZAR awards, OSCARS, EFA etc. etc.

The 11th edition will take place DECEMBER 13-17 2017 in Thessaloniki.
Deadline for submissions is August 15, 2017

*** attention: English subs are required even if dialogues are in english.

Cinematic Achievement Awards
..."As I work with many European Film Professionals as NISI MASA’s Head of the Script Department, it’s something I notice over and over again, how TISFF is growing and gaining importance as people start to realize getting selected for TISFF means a lot, even more so than for other Oscar Qualifying or big name short film festivals as in Yiannis and his vision of Cinema we trust"
Wim Vanacker, awarded director and Head of NISI MASA

(even if dialog is in english)


**** "Semi-Finalist" indicates "short-listed", not a final selection for the program.

Final selections are affected by total screening hours available for the festival.

Film duration of 30min. maximum

TiSFF reserves the right to select films and organize "best of TiSFF" or "TiSFF focus" programs in other venues withing and out of Thessaloniki.
This is of definite advantage to all directors as it extends the audience and the appreciation of the director's cinematic work !

Overall Rating
  • Dani Joss

    Best short film fest in the country, easily among the best in Europe!

    December 2017

    Cinema with a difference. Some of the best shorts that motivated viewers.

    December 2017
  • Antonis Glaros

    FANTASTIC festival. One of the greatest festivals that I have attended. HIGHLY recommended. Will be back again!

    December 2017
  • Stavros Kostopoulos

    Highly recommended. Top short movies of 2016 and 2017. Great spot and beautiful people. Don't miss this Festival.

    December 2017
  • Alex Lora

    One of the best short film festivals in the world!

    December 2017
    Response from festival:

    when a man of such character AND 60 awards AND 55 nominations says anything, we listen...and are thankful...
    as Alex knows, it takes a lot of passion and hard work !