Last year's14th TiSFF 2020 on-line had 23,084 views !

2020 WINNERS ***

My short review for perhaps the most exciting short film festival :
"What is is about TiSFF that sets it apart from other short film festivals around the world? I have a feeling it is down to two things:
First, a daring, risk-taking, boundary-pushing curating that discovers new and showcases established film artists, all of whom precipitate the collapse of social prejudices and prefabricated notions of what the body, the city, gender, emotions, future or even art is.
And second, because it takes place in this surprisingly edgy and experimental city of Thessaloniki - one of Europe's best kept secrets - fleshing out its radical heart with a rare pride of place."
Prof. A. Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos * Univ. of Westminster

....with deep love and respect for human & cinematic values
....from our 2018 edition
* 4 films short-listed for OSCARS 2019
* 9 films nominees for CESAR 2019
...from our 2019 edition
* 6 films short-listed for OSCARS 2020 , 2 in the final 5
* 7 films nominees for CESAR awards 2020

Since 2007 in Thessaloniki, and highly focused on cutting-edge shorts cinema that indeed advance the art of cinema.

Shorts initially screened in TiSFF have reached prestigious festival as nominees and very often winners, CEZAR awards, OSCARS, EFA etc. etc.

*** attention: English subs are required even if dialogues are in english.

Cinematic Achievement Awards
..."As I work with many European Film Professionals as NISI MASA’s Head of the Script Department, it’s something I notice over and over again, how TISFF is growing and gaining importance as people start to realize getting selected for TISFF means a lot, even more so than for other Oscar Qualifying or big name short film festivals as in Yiannis and his vision of Cinema we trust"
Wim Vanacker, awarded director and Head of NISI MASA

Submit films in H264 /mp4 , ideally about 2- 3Gb.
ALL films MUST have embedded ENGLISH SUBTITLES ***
(even if dialog is in english)
Final selections , in additions to the above. MUST provide us
with a clean file without any subs AND separately the appropriate srt file of english subs.

* "Semi-Finalist" indicates "short-listed", not a final selection for the program.

Final selections are affected by total screening hours available for the festival.
Film duration 2- 40min. maximum

Important :
TiSFF reserves the right to select films and organize "best of TiSFF" or "TiSFF focus" programs in other venues within and out of Thessaloniki.
This is of definite advantage to all directors as it extends the audience and the appreciation of the director's cinematic work !

Overall Rating
  • Morag Brownlie

    Thess International Shorts Festival is a stunner. It was wonderful to be included, (and awarded ) amongst the most incredible selection of films. The programme is startling, with a huge variety of genres and emotional range . All the films have that X factor and leave you falling in love with the tricky short film genre. The communication and hospitality from afar was brilliant, inclusive and fun. Yiannis and team love film and the film-makers feel appreciated and recognized in a warm way, so welcome and rare in 2021 with so much separation and stress. Thank you Thessaloniki I will get there one day !!

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    all the love, Morag
    endless hug


    So great to have participated in such a dynamic and diverse programming of shorts! TiSFF is evolving to THE short film festival in Greece, giving voice to so many creators and this is something to thank for. But, foremost, it selects so many powerful stories which makes it a festival not to be missed, by creators and audience alike. The communication with the festival has also been great all during the festival.
    Thank you for the opportunity to show my first short in my homeland and for the distinction, all this is truly appreciated. Fotis Zampetakis

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    no words to thank you,
    accept a ight and long hug

  • Beston Zirian

    Fantastic festival. Excellent communication throughout. Honoured to be a part of it and to be able to share my work with peopke who really appreciate the art of filmmaking.
    Dear yiannis, thank you so much!
    Beston Zirian

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    most sincere thanks, Beston,
    kudos again to you
    big hug

  • Александр Kyrov

    Отлично прошел...наверное. Меня не пригласили)

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    many thanks,
    love & hugs

  • Amazing festival! Honored to be part of it.

    October 2021
    Response from festival:

    thanks to you two,
    big big hug