The Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival was founded by award-winning Bay Area filmmakers, actors, critics, artists and cinephiles to catch the independent films that fall through the cracks and end up... underground. In 7 years it has evolved into one of the biggest (if not the biggest) underground film festivals in the world by volume, with over 200 official feature and short film selections in 2019.

Although we are “underground,” that has more to do with the “underground” nature of the filmmaking (low budget, independent) than genre. We showcase dramas, comedies, action, adventure, crime, musicals, horror, sci-fi, thrillers, fantasies, mysteries, romances, animation, children’s, religious, lgbt, foreign, documentaries, experimental – basically anything, and it doesn’t have to bizarre or on the fringe, though we definitely delight in those.

We do love our crazy home state with all of its rogue pythons, sequenced hurricanes and face eaters, but we have plenty of slots for films from beyond the Sunshine and from around the world, plus other worlds and worlds that don’t even exist – just as long as it’s interesting and innovative. In addition to many Floridians, New Yorkers, Californians and Canadians, we've had filmmakers attending from as far away as Mexico, Ireland, Poland, England and Japan

Most past attendees declared that the awards ceremony was the highlight, as we played clips of all nominees in each of the 28 categories in televised awards show style, and not just any random clip, but clips highlighting why each film or performance was nominated for that particular category. Yes, a lot of hard work, but more entertaining than most film festival award ceremonies featuring just names of films many audience members didn't see and so was well worth the response. One filmmaker pointed out that it was almost the equivalent of getting an additional showing in front of a sold out large auditorium. We also had winners unable to attend (which were just a handful) send in an acceptance video that we played after announcing them as winners at the ceremony. And there was an Awards Party following the ceremony at a nearby upscale restaurant, among other parties. Please see the TBUFF site for pictures from the awards ceremony/party and nominees/winners.

TBUFF is an all-genre festival and plays both shorts and features, including narratives and documentaries. Film selection is by nature a subjective process so it’s difficult to put a finger on exactly what we’re looking for – it’s just like Potter Stewart said, we’ll know it when we see it.

In 2019, we gave out 28 awards at our Academy-like ceremony , including Best Feature, Best Short, Best Director, Best Documentary, Student Film, Leading and Supporting Actor and Actress, several different genres including comedy, horror and sci-fi/fantasy, technical categories, audience awards for both short and feature, and of course, Best Florida Film.

1. We accept works in progress, but they must be at a stage such that we can see its potential, and we reserve the right to reject a selection if the film is not in a polished format by the time the schedule is released.

2. Non-English language films are accepted but the submission and exhibition versions must have English subtitles.

3. Entries will only be returned if an appropriately self-addressed stamped mailer is included with the submission, and TBUFF is not responsible for any damages to submitted materials.

4. Filmmakers must have all rights to all material contained within their submitted films, including music.

5. Each film submitted requires a separate submission fee; there is no limit to the number of films one individual may submit for consideration in any year.

6. If your film is selected for TBUFF exhibition, you will receive free festival passes as well as some tickets to your own showing, but with rare exception, the festival will not cover your travel or lodging costs. You do not have to present to win awards.

7. If your film is selected, short video snippets and stills from the film, along with any other promotional materials provided, might be used to market the festival.

8. TBUFF reserves the right to disqualify any film submitted through these websites without refund of any application fees.

9. Multiple versions of the same film will not be considered.

10. If TBUFF cannot get your film submission to play, we will attempt to contact the applicant for a replacement but if a replacement cannot be delivered to TBUFF before the final deadline, TBUFF can disqualify the entry and is under no obligation to return the submission fee.

11. TBUFF reserves the right to disqualify any film for non-payment of the submission fee or for not meeting any of the stated rules on this page or other TBUFF pages on this website.

12. TBUFF is under no obligation to provide comments regarding submitted films -- all decisions about film festival selections and scheduling are final.

13. By clicking here the submitter acknowledges and agree that to the best of his/her ability that he/she is duly authorized to submit this film to the Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival and holds all rights within the film, and will allow the film to be exhibited at TBUFF and its promotional materials to be used for marketing the 2019 festival.

Overall Rating
  • Great people! Great event! Glad to be a part of it!

    February 2020
  • Kimbo Honnell

    Great festival, open to a variety of films. Great communication from organizers. You can tell a lot of heart and hard work goes into putting on the best festival possible for filmmakers.

    January 2020
  • mary rachel dudley

    It is always a pleasure having a project at TBUFF. TBUFF inspires me every year to create so we can share in such a pro filmmaker environment which strives to support local filmmakers/talent in addition to those from around the world. Thank you Reggie, Jason and All!

    December 2019
  • Sheree Johnson

    The TBUFF was a great experience. Our short "Data File" was screen on Sunday in the first block and it fit perfect on Sunday due to the nature of the film. Looking forward to TBUFF 2020

    December 2019
  • Bob Bouland

    Fantastic festival! I look forward to submitting a new film for next year. The festival is well run and very supportive. It's obvious the amount of work these guys put into pulling this together. Thanks TBUFF.

    December 2019