Entertain the People. Never Surrender.
Mike Messier is a 49 award-winning Screenwriter, Director, TV host, and Actor.
Accolades include a Regional Emmy Nomination for work as Associate Producer on the documentary Haiti: Triumph, Struggle and the Sorrow of a People, in addition to several screenwriting accolades including two awards for Fight or Play Basketball (from MedFF and RIIFF), a coming of age feature film screenplay and a recent award for his prison drama Also Ran (from MedFF).
Current projects also include Disregard the Vampire: A Mike Messier Documentary which is currently being sent to festivals, having already won 11 awards (for the doc itself, Poster Design, Promotional Photo, and the film’s Trailer).
Mike has re-imagined some of the characters into the world of Distance from Avalon, which he has since written as a stage play, screenplay, and novella.
As an Actor, Mike has shared scenes with Meryl Streep and Elisabeth Shue in Hope Springs, Wesley Snipes and Cybill Shepherd (as her son) in Hard Luck, Frances McDormand, and Richard Jenkins in Olive Kitteridge among others.
Mike’s TV show Messier Mantra features Mike as an interviewer and host for fascinating guests from the worlds of Entertainment, Sports, Environmental concerns, and Holistic medicine. Popular episodes have included writer/artist Geena Matuson, Boxing promoter Jimmy Burchfield Sr and film producer David Gere.
Best Dramatic script
Also Ran
Siracusa, Italy/Sicily
Best Documentary
Disregard the Vampire - a Mike Messier Documentary
Shawna Shea Film Festival
Worcester, MA
Semi-Finalist Best Script
Fight or Play Basketball
Hamilton International Film Festival
Hamilton , New York
Top 5 Finalists
Fight or Play Basketball
Sherman Oaks Film Festival
Sherman Oaks, CA
Best Social Drama Screenplay
Fight or Play Basketball
Mediterranean Film Festival
Quarter-finalist: Original TV Drama/ Web-series
Fight or Play Basketball
CineStory Foundation
First Prize: Spotlight on New England Category
Fight or Play Basketball
Rhode Island International Film Festival
Providence, Rhode Island
"Selected Screenplay" (awards TBA)
Fight or Play Basketball
Austin Revolution Film Festival 2020
Austin, Texas
Best Cinematography - Chris Hunter
The Nature of the Flame
My Love, Michelle Shot Film Festival
San Antonio, Texas
University of North Carolina Greensboro
Maine Media Workshops
Sir Mikey
Birth City
Arlington, VA
Current City
Jacksonville , Florida
"You mean I'm going to stay this color?"
Eye Color
Also runs Avalonia Festival www.avaloniafestival.com
Played Cybill Shepherd's son in the film Hard Luck.
worked with Meryl Streep and Elisabeth Shue in a scene in the film Hope Springs
Never Surrender.
Entertain the People. Never Surrender.