Filmmakers! We'd love to see your funny, touching, unique, wonderful films that engage with matters of the heart.

Cambria is a small town on California's Central Coast, midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Our three intimate screening venues are within walking distance of each other, the town's shopping district, wineries, restaurants and hotels. Our closing night awards presentation was held at the Hearst Castle theater. The region's coastal scenery is among the most spectacular in California.

Our mission is to promote filmmakers who are passionate about storytelling and have created unique visions that speak to the universality of love. We aim to share with our audience films that bring laughter, stir emotions, and cause introspection.


We are looking for films that deal with the complexities of love.

Funny, touching, charming, endearing.... If your film deals with matters of the heart, of love, young love, older love, the challenges of finding love, recovering from failed love, of human connections of a romantic nature, we would love to screen it for consideration.

Film Categories we accept:

Rom-Com, Romantic Comedy, Romance, Dramas that deal with Complexities of Love.

We not looking for erotic cinema.

We will provide accommodations for filmmakers who can attend.

Best of Fest
Best Feature
Best Short
Audience Award - Best Feature
Audience Award - Best Short

We are accepting only films that have romance as a main element.

Accepted films must provide downloadable files for projection.

Overall Rating
  • Festival Formula Ltd

    A charming festival run by warm, welcoming, knowledgable, film enthusiasts. Thank you for screening ROBOT & SCARECROW. We hope you enjoyed screening it. This film festival is 2 years old but we can foresee never-ending growth for you guys.

    March 2019
  • Allen C. Gardner

    We absolutely love the Cambria Film Festival! The fine folks who run it are beyond gracious and welcoming, they curate a wonderful slate of movies, and the location is gorgeous. I highly recommend this festival to any filmmakers who are telling a love story of any kind.

    February 2019
  • Sashi Arnold

    What can we say? Again another great festival to be a part of, unfortunately we were unable to attend but the feedback and the award win was fantastic! Thank you so much for having our film.

    February 2019
  • Cambria is beautiful and I'd say the festival is worth submitting to for that trip alone. The festival definitely earns its value even beyond the beautiful locale though. They get excellent crowds from the local community. Many screenings were sold out (my feature film was watched by over 100 locals despite my team having no local connections). The community is welcoming & excited to have filmmakers in their town. They're wonderfully engaged & supportive, both at the screenings and in conversations around town. I will say, the festival needs to work on their tech side a bit. The sound in both venues had problems. They need higher quality speakers and a more knowledgeable projectionist on staff. But it was only their 2nd year, so hopefully they take feedback and improve as they grow. Aside from that, I think they put on a great show with a nice range of high quality films. Overall, it's a lovely festival to be part.

    February 2019