DIAMETRALE is the first International Film Festival in Austria, which sets the focus exclusively on experimental films. The selected movies break with conventional rules of film making and aesthetic norms.

Especially, we are interested in HUMOURISTIC, ABSURD or GROTESQUE experimental movies. Keywords: Humour, Humor, Satire, Dadaism, Dadaismus, Surrealism, Surrealismus, Virtual Reality, VR, Sex Positive, Porn, Explicit, Non-Explicit, Erotic, Gender, Body, Diversity, Queer, Queerness, LGBTQAI+.

DIAMETRALE 2021 – Teaser: https://vimeo.com/568463118
DIAMETRALE 2018 – Medley: https://vimeo.com/297688932

Event Date: MARCH 30 — APRIL 03, 2022 (6th Edition)
Event Location: Leokino/Cinematograph Innsbruck – in the alps of Austria! (Big screen, up to 100 seats.)

› Film Prize: THE GOLDEN FRAME. It contains an original drawing resp. comic by an artist (2017: Eugen Egner; 2018: Nicolas Mahler; 2019: Katz&Goldt; 2020: Stefanie Sargnagel; 2021: Sophia Süßmilch; 2022: tba.)

› If our budget will allow it, selected film makers will get invited to the festival. We'll support you with traveling costs and accommodation

› Films will probably be screened on partner film festivals

› Each entry should contain EXPERIMENTAL, SURREAL or WEIRD elements in the broadest sense. Submissions, which also show HUMOURISTIC, ABSURD or GROTESQUE potential, will have the best chances!

› We're also looking for Virtual Reality (VR) content. Since 2020 we have a VR-Station with a curated VR program in the movie theatre. (The VR section has no award.)

› Since 2020 we're also looking for sex positive short films: experimental, fun, erotic, ... – it's all about the diversity of sexuality, body and gender. (The sex positve section has no award.)

› Submitted Movies shouldn't be older than 2019. Please don't submit movies, which hasn't been selected for DIAMETRALE 2017–2021!

› Apart from shorts films we're already looking for FEATURE / DOCUMENTARY / EXPANDED CINEMA / INSTALLATION / PERFORMANCE for 2023! Film makers will get the opportunity to present their work in Innsbruck/Austria. We pay the cost for traveling and accommodation. Notification Date will be in Autumn 2022 (thanks for your patience)!

› With the submission the film makers give permission to use short excerpts or screenshots from the submitted films for promotional purposes, if their filmes got selected.

› Film makers are responsible for copyrights.

› We just accept online screener.

› No refunds.

› With the submission the film makers give permission to save information about the film for internal purposes. Personal data is not passed on to third parties!

Overall Rating
  • Communication with selected directors and catalogue design of the event were excellent in English and German. They even printed postcards with a still of my work OCCURRENCES OF QUESTIONABLE SIGNIFICANCE, which belonged to the 8 best submissions from over 400 this year and made it into the main competition on Saturday at prime time. My Austrian cinema premiere, no less. This was the 5th edition of the festival and audiences rejoiced to have a physical cultural event for five days in the waning pandemic.
    Re-visiting Innsbruck stirred up fond memories of the films I made there in the past. I met kinoites and bought two kilograms of the best soap at the "Walde Soap" store across the river Inn. Conversations with fellow directors from Italy and Switzerland created an atmosphere of togetherness at lunch. Jurors were competent and came from Vienna. They enriched the celebration.
    The hotel was only half an hour away from the luxurious and huge downtown cinema Leokino and the DIAMETRALE paid for it. Covid19 virus protection measures were adequate (I was tested right there). My hotel room's view opened up to huge mountain ranges shrouded in picturesque clouds. Breakfast tasted nice but only lasted to 9:30 AM. Night owls might scowl.
    I learned how a film festival can have a narrowly curated focus on absurd and surreal absurd humor and experiments, yet deliver astonishing quality and diverse perspectives on these themes, both in premieres and in lectures plus talks. DIAMETRALE offers audiences fresh access to weird and obscure comedies and genre-defying art films, both short and long. I highly reccommend it and will certainly submit my next work. These Austrians treat us filmmakers with respect and hospitality.

    July 2021
  • Bergur Árnason

    A great, intimate festival in a beautiful location, run by passionate and awesome people!

    July 2020
  • Real Ficção

    Tiago Rosa-Rosso had this to say about the festival: "Diametrale, It has been day and night, day and night and we couldn´t control it. Leokino is a mytical cinema, the short films where carefully curated and the alignment was perfect, PMK offered a variety of great concerts all night long. Ohne theorie kiene revolution. Probably one of the best experimental short film festivals you can find organized by people who really love cinema."

    April 2018
  • mohammad poustindouz

    Wow I wish for all filmmaker one time have Chance for be there Diametrale it,s one theme Best festival ,

    March 2018
  • mia forrest

    A niche and carefully considered experimental film festival! The screenings and events were ran very well, with a solid team of dedicated and knowledgeable cinephiles. Definitely check it out !

    March 2018