The short film festival of festivals!
Global Short Film Awards (GSFAwards) recognizes excellence in highly creative and imaginative short films. These films will be suitable to meet the increasing content demand for intelligent phones, digital and hand held devices as well as the internet, commercial, art, science and educational applications. Global Short Film Awards Festival (GSF Awards) is a world-leading event dedicated to short films, in both 2D and 3D formats. Films may be submitted in multiple categories (see Categories and Entry Fees). In addition to winning films by category, awards will be presented for (subject to change): Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Film.

Additional Awards (subject to change): Lifetime Achievement, Outstanding Humanitarian Award, Festival Director's Choice, Best Fashion Designer.

All films submitted will be judged by our panels of experts. Finalist films will be screened in New York City (date and location TBA). Winning films or their trailers are screened publicly in Cannes, and awards are presented in Cannes, France annually at a special gala.

GSF Awards continues to expand globally. License to operate GSF Awards Festival is available in selected cities and countries. Please inquire.

Interested in screening your film at our venue in Cannes? Available whether you submit your film to our competition or not. Please inquire for details and availability.

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Video overview:

1. Screening of finalist films in New York and awards presentation in Cannes.
2. Engraved awards presented in each category to winning films.
3. Invitation for 1 person from each winning film to the black-tie dinner gala to receive their awards in Cannes, France (travel and accommodations not included). Additional tickets available for purchase at filmmaker discount.
4. Social media and internet promotion.
5. Letter/certificate to winners (upon request).
6. Official Selection laurels to finalists and Winner laurels to winners for use on promotion of their films.
7. Other prizes and offers at Festival Director's discretion including film distribution.
8. 3D FILMS. Option for Global Film Distribution contract with revenue sharing for 3D films no cost to you. Offer is also available to 2D films but there will be a reduced conversion fee by our partner Qoobex Inc., a 3D global platform.

HOW TO ENTER: Online submissions only. Submissions accepted through
COST TO ENTER: $10 per film per category with early bird deadline. $20 after early bird and before regular deadline. $40 after regular deadline up to extended deadline (Entry fees are non-refundable).
ENTRY MUST INCLUDE: Link to a 30-60 second trailer and a separate link to your film, including password. Third party download must be enabled, if necessary.
NOTIFICATION: All entrants will be notified of their status once scoring is completed. Winning TRAILERS will be shown at GSF Awards Gala in Cannes, France in May 2022 (subject to change) and posted on social media and web site.
ELIGIBILITY: a) Films must be 15 minutes or less (3 minutes for Mobile Phone Cinema category) in duration including titles and credits.
b) Films must be in English or include English sub-titles.
c) All types of production companies are eligible including individuals, professional or amateur filmmakers, non-profits and educational institutions, public and private entities.
d) Entered films may have already been shown in public before.
SUBJECT MATTER: Please be guided by the categories indicated in this listing. The following content is prohibited: pornographic images and language, slanderous or libelous images and language, and any visual or verbal content that might be considered hate speech, racist, misogynist, overly violent, obscene or offensive.
DEADLINE as announced elsewhere in this presentation.
PRIZES: See above. Additional prizes may be offered subject to sponsorship commitments. Prizes cannot be exchanged for monetary compensation.
COPYRIGHT: Filmmakers retain copyright to their film entries.
PRODUCTION DATE: Entries may have been produced at any time.
MULTIPLE ENTRIES. The same film may be entered in multiple categories, with a separate fee for each entry.
LEGAL: The filmmaker hereby grants Global Short Film Awards, Couture Fashion Week and their representatives the right to utilize a poster, trailer or clip excerpt from any film accepted for exhibition for promotional purposes. The filmmaker hereby warrants that it is authorized to submit the film for screening and that all participants’ images and voices have been released for publication and screening. Filmmaker further warrants that it has obtained all necessary permissions from off-screen participants involved in the submitted film(s) or video(s), including but not limited to owners and/or managers of property shown, technical crew, stylists, composers, musicians, performers, makeup and hair artists, sponsors, extras, editors, photographers, videographers and other staff. Filmmaker accepts all rules and regulations of the event. The filmmaker indemnifies and holds harmless Global Short Film Awards, Couture Fashion Week and their representatives from any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses, including but not limited to attorney’s fees and court costs, which may be incurred as a result of any claim involving credits, copyright, trademark, press coverage, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening of the film(s) or video(s) submitted. In the eventuality of litigation, Filmmaker agrees compensation will not exceed the amount paid by filmmaker to Global Short Film Awards or Couture Fashion Week, if any, with the file/video submission(s).
STANDARD DISCLAIMER: Participation in any events produced by Global Short Film Awards and/or Couture Fashion Week does not guarantee any specific volume of sales, specific number of attendees or presence of specific attendees or celebrities, or specific media coverage. Global Short Film Awards, Couture Fashion Week and their representatives and affiliates shall not be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, including without limitation losses, lost revenues, or lost profits that may result from participating in our events. We reserve the right to change venues for better or equivalent venues.

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