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Welcome to the Filmfest Oberursel in the immediate neighborhood of Frankfurt, Germany!

As an international film festival, the Oberursel Filmfest connects filmmakers from all over the world. It is located in Oberursel (Taunus), a city directly neighboring Frankfurt am Main, Germany. For more than a decade, the Oberursel Film Festival has become a tradition for storytelling and a destination for many local, national and international filmmakers. The Oberusel Filmfest is happy to accept and screen films that entertain, move, inspire and make people think.

Our jury consists of renowned experts from the film industry such as Hollywood Director and producer JERRY DIGBY (known for Hearts Gamble and Friday 13th), German TV producer LIANE JESSEN and producer CHRISTOPH THOKE (former Taunus Film Production Company). Together, they hand-pick the two honorable winners for our awards:

1) best SHORT FILM
3) best FILM about INTEGRATION

Filmfest Oberursel further curates films that are dedicated to the subject of food and nutrition. These films are equally to be submitted in the main categories (e.g. short documentary, short narrative, feature film, etc.). However, all selected films within this theme block will be screened collectively as a theme block at the Film Festival in Oberursel.

At Oberursel we offer you a live event with a Gala Opening night with top notch and well-known experts from the industry, two days of open air screenings, networking events and workshops and a grand finale with the honoring of our award winners.

Oberursel also offers a special selections for films relating to the topic "About Eating, Living and Loving".

Let's create art. Together.


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The Filmfest Oberursel awards the two best films, thereof one in the category of short film and one in the category feature film.

1) 1000,00 EUR (Best Feature Film)
2) 500,00 EUR (Best Short Film)
3) 500,00 EUR (ROTARY Cash Prize Best Film about INTEGRATION)

ENTRY RESTRICTIONS - Please visit www.filmfest-oberursel.de for our full T&C

- Filmfest Oberursel is open for films from all countries.
- Short films shall be under 25 minutes of length
- Feature films must be at least 40 minutes long
- All genres are accepted (except porn and extreme violence).

- All Non-German films require German or at least English subtitles.
- All films must be available online for selection. We do not have the capacity to handle DVDs and downloads for the selection process.
- Selected films must be downloadable in order to be shown.
- More than one entry may be submitted by applicant, but each entry must be accompanied by its own online entry and entry fee.
- By submitting to the festival you confirm that you own the rights to the work submitted

- The best film within the category "Feature Film" will be awarded with a prize of 1000 $
- The best film within all categories of short films (Narrative, Documentary, Animation, AI Generated, Arthouse / Experimental), referred to as "Best Short Film", will be awarded with a prize of 500 $
- The recipient of an award ("Best Short Film" or "Best Feature Film") agrees to receive the price in person or virtually provided that travel is reasonable and appropriate (depending on the physical distance of the winner's residence from the event location and the associated costs, as well as the physical condition of the winner). If a personal presence is unreasonable for the recipient, recipient must agree to a live interview with Zoom or similar on the day of the award ceremony. If recipient is not available to partake in the ceremony (in person or virtually), Oberursel Filmfest reserves its right to award the prize to the filmmaker of the second best film.
- The recipient of an award must provide the Oberursel Filmfest with a functioning bank transfer and, if applicable, shall pay any bank transfer costs
- The Oberursel Filmfest reserves the right to transfer the award for the Best Feature Film to another category in case the jury is of the opinion that the entries for the Feature Film category are insufficient in quantity or quality.
- All decisions on and with regard to the award are reserved at the discretion of the jury and are final

- In making its selection, the jury takes into account all the films submitted.

- The Oberursel Filmfest reserves the right to make any necessary changes in Festival scheduling

Overall Rating
  • Laurens Walter

    Unfortunately I couldn't participate at the sceenings, but all I noticed from far was super sympathique and professional. And had a very positive vibe.

    November 2023
    Response from festival:

    Dear Laurens, Thank you very much for the positive review. It was a pleasure screening your film and we wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

  • Hubertus Hinse

    The open-air screening at Rushmoore Park was surrounded by a beautiful atmosphere, lights in the trees and the smell of fresh bread and spices. A perfect setting for a festival about eating, living and loving.
    I am very grateful that my short film "The Rose" was shown on the opening day and I really enjoyed the audience discussion afterwards.

    September 2023
    Response from festival:

    The Filmfest Oberursel would like to thank you for submitting your film. It was a wonderful experience to have you at our our event.

  • Très bon festival animé par des vrais passionnés de cinéma et qui sont à l'écoute des réalisateurs... Merci

    September 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much Louis for contributing to our festival.

  • Thank you so much for including EMANCIPATION (imdb.com/title/tt21242212) in this wonderful film festival and screening it live in Oberursel. It was very well organized and the program of the festival included amazing other films from all around the world. The live interview with Oscar winning Mark Gustafson was just another highlight.

    September 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for submitting to our festival and giving a live interview at our event. It was a wonderful experience to have you.

  • Daniel Maurer

    The festival made a great job in terms of communication. A very friendly and enthusiastic team! I really recommend this festival !

    September 2022