Michigan’s premier film festival is headquartered in the ultimate social, recreational, and business district of Michigan – Birmingham! The Great Lake State’s most upscale suburb is located just outside of Detroit and maintains its small-town feel while also offering the cultural advantages of a prosperous urban area. As one of the nation’s “Top 20 Most Walkable Communities,” Birmingham’s thriving pedestrian-friendly downtown area is the obvious choice for an annual event for cinema lovers. In Birmingham, festival attendees will enjoy a plethora of dining options, art galleries, shops, bars, parks, and beautiful scenery.

The ultimate festival experience welcomes avid film goers, studio executives, key players in the entertainment industry, first time filmmakers, storytellers, and anyone interested in the greatest modern artform – cinema. This event will also honor and encourage the visions and talents of Michigan's youth. Submissions in our 17 & Younger Michigan Student Category will always be free for pre-college filmmakers from Michigan, who may enter their feature films, short films, documentaries, etc. at no charge and may be selected to be screened at the festival, not to mention win cash prizes.

A note regarding the 2021 Birmingham Film Festival of Michigan: We recognize that the global impact of COVID-19 has affected filmmakers greatly and has even disrupted productions. We are hopeful that the annual live festival will continue forward in November. In the event further delays are warranted for everyone’s safety, we will work to conduct an online platform in conjunction with or in place of a live event and/or we will delay the festival as is needed.

--Film Awards--

Best Feature Film (Overall) - 1st Place - $2,000

Best Feature Film (Overall) - 2nd Place - $1,000

Best Feature Film (Comedy) - $500

Best Feature Film (Drama) - $500

Best Feature Film (Horror) - $500

Best Short Film - 1st Place - $1,500

Best Short Film - 2nd Place - $750

*Best overall film will also win the prize for its genre (for example, Drama), but the 2nd place finisher for that particular genre will win the genre prize as well.

--Student Film Awards--

Best Short Film (Student Film) - 1st Place - $1,000

Best Short Film (Student Film) - 2nd Place - $500

*Does not include the 17 & Younger Michigan Student Category

--17 & Younger Michigan Student Category--

Best Film - 1st Place - $750

Best Film - 2nd Place - $500

Best Film - 3rd Place - $250

*Always free to enter for Michigan Students 17 & Younger

--Individual Awards--

Best Actress in a Feature Film - $500

Best Actor in a Feature Film - $500

Best Actress in a Short Film - $250

Best Actor in a Short Film - $250

--Screenwriting Awards--

Best Feature Length Screenplay - 1st Place - $2,000

Best Feature Length Screenplay - 2nd Place - $1,000



Best Overall Documentary - 1st Place - $1,000

Submissions will always open in January of the event year and close September 15th for the event held in November.

Every film and screenplay will always be reviewed by at least 2 judges. If both judges give your work a “YES,” the film/screenplay moves on to the next round. If only one of the two judges advances you, then a third judge will review it as well.

As your work advances into subsequent rounds, more judges will review the material to further narrow down the selection. Even if you do not win a prize, you could still be invited to screen your film at the festival.