“Without dreams, there can be no courage."
Win Wenders

Berlin Art Film Festival is an international IMDb verified bi-monthly event and a screening platform in association with Euro Arthouse Cinema Daily. We seek to recognize and promote the best international arthouse film and script projects of all genres. The festival is a true filmmakers festival, dedicated to the language of cinema and arts. Our festival has awarded Cannes winning directors such as Warwick Thorton in competition with emerging international talents and has invited jury members from US and Canada to create the best possible solutions for indie artists to promote and screen projects in this digital era of independent arthouse cinema.

Berlin has been known as an important center of filmmaking and the contributions of German cinema can not be denied in the history of cinema. Berlin Art Film Festival attempts to provide spaces for independent filmmakers to create and display their stories without commercial pressure, in order to discover and celebrate extraordinary films and develop independent filmmaking. The festival stands with independent cinema and promotes arthouse features, shorts and scripts in a variety of categories. It is important to recognize independent art films and artists who have dedicated their life to making arthouse film projects. 

Check out some of our projects through Euro Arthouse Cine:

Best Narrative Feature
Best Narrative Short
Best Documentary Feature
Best Documentary short
Best Experimental
Best Animation
Best Science Fiction
Best Horror
Best Director
Best Producer
Best Cinematography
Best Editor
Best Actress
Best Actor
Best Script
Best Unproduced script
Best TV Series/Pilot/Web
Best Comedy
Best Student Film
Best Music Video
Best Thriller
Best Trailer
Best Composer
Best First Time Filmmaker
Best Indie Film

Projects must have been completed after 2016.
Projects can be available online and still enter the online event.
Online screening can be requested anytime by the official selections and award winners.
In order to submit a film, you must own the rights or have permission from the owner.
Any Foreign film that is not in English must have English subtitles.
All fees are non-refundable.

Overall Rating

    It is truly rewarding for Forest Under Stress to be selected. The films content concerning forest resiliency is critical and the answer is concise in the films message for Active Forest Management. This selection will continue to bring the environmental catastrophe to awareness. Thank you!

    April 2022
  • It was an honor for the CAL video "All Along" to be included in Berlin International Art Festival.

    May 2022
  • Design Source

    It is a pleasure to work with Berlin International Art Film Festival. Thank you

    April 2022
  • Thank you very much BERLIN INTERNATIONAL ART FILM FESTIVAL for the Official Selection of my THE IBERIANS film. I'm very grateful to be part of these amazing festival. Thanks again.

    April 2022
  • Mario Côté

    Very happy to have participated in the Berlin International Art Film!

    April 2022