IFF Berlin Awards - is a festival created in support of the artists of our time. It brings together different approaches, authorial visions, handwriting and genre combinations.

We are mired in pop, clip culture. It has clouded our thinking, hiding our path behind a shroud of empty information. We are constantly on the surface, skipping over momentary highlights. It's a perpetual pursuit without meaning. It's an addiction. We have become less receptive. We've stopped hearing ourselves. We've forgotten about depth.
Let's combine different approaches, author's vision, handwriting and genre combinations to convey the versatility of our world to the future!

Films entered in multiple categories may win multiple awards.


Every two months our team carefully review the submitted films and grants awards.

From every round our judgement committee will select 5 works for annual screening in the Astor Film Lounge (Berlin).

Each year the festival presents 30-50 shorts as part of the films in competition programming.

Annual Participants will be notified via e-mail and will be invited to Berlin Awards event.

Annual awarding films will be shown at the Berlin Awards.

The BERLIN AWARD IFF is your opportunity to discover your new sides.
Dive into the world of the unknown, explore this world and be inspired with BERLIN AWARD IFF.

All awarded films receive laurels, publication in our media and digital diplomas.

Best Short Film
Best Feature Film
Best Documentary
Best Experimental
Best Crime
Best Thriller
Best Horror
Best Sci-Fi
Best Adventure
Best Director
Best Producer
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Cinematography
Best Young Filmmaker
Best Production Design
Best Sound Design
Best Original Score
Best Short Script
Best Feature Script
Best Color Editing
Best Music Video
Best COVID Short
Best LGBTQ+ Film
Best Eco Work
Best Animation

Terms & Conditions
The maximum duration allowed is 45 minutes for shorts and a minimum duration of 45 minutes for feature films.
Every Film must have english subtitles
Submission Process
Every Film must be submitted via FilmFreeway
Submitter must own all the rights to the film.
Entry fees are non-refundable.
Completion Date
Films with a completion date no more than 18 months before the festival dates will be accepted, films with a completion date later than the previous year's festival dates will be given preference.
Screening Format
Formats accepted for exhibition: Digital H264, DCP and 1080 or 2K .mov Files (and Blu-ray back-up if requested). Entries must be submitted as online screeners via FilmFreeway. Secure Vimeo screeners are welcome. Please link such screeners on FilmFreeway.

Overall Rating
  • What an honour for our short film "Decisions" to be selected for your Festival! Thank you so much for this opportunity, to participate in this extraordinary event.

    April 2023
  • O P Srivastava

    Thankyou for the award !
    Hope my film reaches to the audience in Germany through your festival.

    March 2023
  • Ray Barron -Woolford FRSA

    Great to Be selected but was given no update as to how to attend the festival, no dates or days given for screening when I would have loved to attend but could not due to poor communication

    January 2023
  • Very cool festival to be part of. Thanks a lot for the selection.

    January 2023
  • A delightful film festival; so please my film MusArt awarded, celebrating music and painting combined.

    January 2023