Think of this festival like Mardi Gras married Dia de los Muetros and their monster baby was born on Valentine's Day.

You should submit to this festival if you have a sense of humor but a healthy respect for others' work, love all things horror/fantasy/supernatural, love to get into a heated (and probably drunken) debate over whether "Alien" or "Aliens" was the better movie.

We want and encourage audience participation. Gasps, screams, nervous giggles, yelling "Get out, stupid!" at your characters who refuse to leave an obviously haunted house.

This festival will always be truly for the love of the craft. We aren't promising large prize packages or international acclaim, but rather a truly fun experience and exposure for your screenplay/photo/short film among those who are equally passionate and invested.

We pride ourselves on the ability to have a good time in Austin and this fest tries to embody that.

Best in Bloody Show: Grand Prize Winner

The Quoth the Raven Award: Best Short Screenplay

The Lovecraftrian Artistry Award for Exemplementry Use of the Imagination: Best Short Film

And the abundance of praise and adoration! (Wooing available upon request.)

Short films need to be under 15 minutes, screenplays under 15 pages
All work needs to have been created in the past 4 years

Overall Rating
  • Great festival hosted by great people. A must in your festival tour.

    September 2020
  • Iván Sáinz-Pardo

    So great to be the winner in 2020 with "SAVE 2.0". Fantastic Film Festival, very good communication and very nice done!!

    February 2020
  • Cynthia Bergen

    This was our first time being selected in this Film Festival. More awesome! Our Short Horror Film "The Cop Cam" Won! Best short. This a very well organized film festival. Thankyou! Knife Through The Heart of Texas Film Festival, Austin TX

    February 2017