The Philo Festival of Media Arts is all about you: the media producer. It’s a unique combination of competition, collaboration, educational and creative content hosted by the Central States Alliance for Community Media. The event offers invaluable networking opportunities and immersion into the creative art and the rapidly evolving world of independent media.It’s Public, Educational, and Government Television (PEG TV) at its finest honoring and celebrating amazing work!

A fabulous and Brag-worthy Plaque or Finalist Certificate to show off and recognition at the Philo Festival of Media Arts Award Ceremony (think Oscars!):

Date: Thursday, October 17, 2019
Location: City Flats Hotel, Grand Rapids, MI


Entries must have been created by Public, Education, and/or Government (PEG) professionals, independent producers, or students.
• Entries must have been FIRST aired between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018 on a PEG television channel, or PEG web stream.
• Entries will only be accepted from Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, or Kentucky.
• Entries must be non-commercial.
• Entries must be submitted in one division:
1. Professional: Programs created by employees of community media centers, an employee of another media outlet, or a media related educator.
2. Non-Professional: Programs created by independent community media producer with a non paid crew.
3. Student: Programs created by current students enrolled in primary, secondary or undergraduate schools. Non-students may supervise the production, but the overall direction, control of the production and all technical tasks (camera, directing, editing, sound, etc.) must be performed by the youth involved.

• Submissions entered into the wrong division will not be accepted.
• Each entry must be submitted online via a account.
• Programs may be entered in more than one category, but separate online entry forms must be submitted for each category, and the entry must be re-submitted.
• One program may be entered in different categories. The same program may NOT be entered in more than one producer division.

We are awarding top honors at the Philo Festival ceremonies in the following categories:
• Best In Show – Outstanding program of the year.
• Best Series Program – A series that stands out above the rest.
• Excellence Directing – Exceptional directing that blew you away of a parade, talk show, live program, etc.
• Excellence in Editing – Outstanding editing techniques stand out of the rest.
• Excellence In Animation – Animation that blows you away with creativity and innovation
• George Stoney Community Activism Award –A program that campaigns for some form of social change.

All accepted Philo entries are eligible for nominations. We are asking each judge to nominate no more than 2 entries that you have judged to be eligible for these awards. For example, you may be judging Arts/Cultural Awareness, but an entry may be a great example of top-notch in community activism. Or a newscast might have excellent editing. IT IS NOT REQUIRED YOU NOMINATE, we leave it to each judge's discretion if they feel it's Excellent!

Judging of these nominations are conducted by the Central States Alliance for Community Board Members.

Cost per entry:
$25 - Member
$30 - non member

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  • Jeff Rudkin

    Good festival for students to enter. Enjoyable experience.

    October 2017