Short Com is a leading short comedy BIFA qualifying film festival.

Short Com prides itself on the quality of its programme and the range of comedy stylings it has screened. The most emphatic thing we look for in a film is its ability to make an audience laugh or smile, thus we consider ourselves the most competitive comedy short film festival in Europe. Short Com has screened films from amateur made films to multi-award films that have screened at major film festivals and gone on to being Oscar shortlisted.

Short Com has screened during the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival, in London, Manchester, Bristol and Berlin. For two years it was a guest programme at the Glasgow Short Film Festival. And has also co-programmed for the BBC for their Comedy Festival in Newcastle 2022.

Why submit to Short Com? If you want your film programmed alongside the best films that recognises and respects the beauty of comedy. Then we're the festival for you. Comedy aside, filmmakers and audiences often claim that we have the best film programmes they've ever seen.

2023 Programme -
2022 Programme -
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Judges for 2024 TBA festival

Previous judges have included ; Eva OFlynn - Development Exec for Channel 4 Comedy,
Jim Archer - Director of Brian and Charles and Big Boys, Tom Kiesecoms - Programmer at Slash Film Festival, Steven Hendry - Festival Director of Manchester Animation Festival and Editor of Skwigly Magazine Amy O’Hara - Development Exec at Film 4, Rob Munday Directors Notes, Gregor Sharp BBC Comedy and more.


For Short Com TV Sitcom Writing Competition, please visit for further details. The competition will return for 2024.


Short Script Reading Services. We are now running a service for anyone looking for professional feedback for a short film script that they might be looking to produce and later submit the finished piece to Short Com. For further enquiries please email us at We will also offer a submission fee waiver to anyone who purchases these services.

Grand Jury Prize
Recognising the best overall film from the festival by our special select jury.

Best Animation
Recognising the best comedy animation short film.

Best British Film
Recognising the best film from domestic filmmaking talent.

Funniest Film
The reason what separates Short Com from any other film festival. Celebrating the film that makes audiences laugh no end.

Best Performance
Recognising the best on screen performance by acting talent.

Best Script
Recognising the best script by writing talent.

Prizes TBA

Laurels for selected filmmakers and physical awards handed or delivered to award winners.

There are no set lengths for films but shorter is always considered better and easier to programme.

Films must be released after February 2023. Try to be honest please.

Foreign language entries must contain English subtitles.

The filmmaker gives permission for Short Com to use images and footage of their film for the purposes of promoting Short Com events and marketing materials.

Submitting your film to Short Com does not mean your film will be selected for screening at Short Com events. Only selected films are screened in the Short Com programme.

A final disclaimer. Filmmakers are responsible for any copyrighted material and licensing rights of music within their film. Short Com cannot be held responsible for the promotion and distribution of materials that contain footage or music that does not have the required legal permissions. Films will be deemed disqualified at submission stage if the submitted film does not hold all clearances.

Short Com is under no obligation to screen films that do not satisfy the criteria set above.

We do not offer screener fees. Our screenings are operated as not for profit out of respect to not profiteer from selected filmmakers.

We do not require premier status.

Overall Rating
  • Jill Worsley

    Great communication, fab venue, lovely people. A really eclectic and high quality mix of comedies, we felt really proud to be selected and in such great company, and it was really fun to be involved in the Q&A after the screening. Thanks Short Com!

    March 2024
  • With a dearth of comedy focused festivals out there it can often feel like an area overlooked within the landscape short specific festivals. Short Com offers that carefully curated programme that really does deliver a variety under the umbrella of comedy with some great industry judges - and is a festival that we recommend to filmmakers all over.

    March 2024
  • Stephen Hagan

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Had a great day at this festival. Lovely day with lovely people. Will definitely be back!

    November 2023
  • Benjamin Hackman

    Great experience! I Great communication! Great festival!

    October 2023
  • What a great festival to be a part of. A stellar line up, a passionate and welcoming team, and a great venue. Even with rail strikes threatening the London screening, they still had a great crowd show up to support. It's clear this is run by movie-lovers.

    We had a great time screening Crack An Egg, and will be back with more things to share in the future!

    October 2023