Special Announcement: The UASE will be back In-Person on November 11 in NYC and Virtual throughout the year! (In-Person Dates are subject to Pandemic Advisories)

The Urban Action Showcase and Expo present the Urban Action Showcase International Action Film Festival featuring the WarnerMedia Action Short Film Competition. The UASIAFF is the only All Action Film Showcase, Film Festival, Action Script Competition, and Action Expo celebrating and honoring the Multicultural achievements in the blockbuster Action genre!

The purpose of the UASIAFF is to Recognize, Promote, Facilitate, and Encourage the participation of Actors, Filmmakers and Content Creators in the Action Film Genre. Understanding the importance of Diversity, the UASIAFF endeavors to recognize Diversity among Content Creators by honoring excellence in various aspects of Action filmmaking, Acting, and Artistry.

We promote these Artists through various media outlets, facilitate distribution opportunities, and encourage new interest through the building of strong networking communities, panels, workshops, and key sponsorship participation.
The UASIAFF inevitably inspires interest in the art of Action Film making, Acting, and Artistry through information, education, facilitation, and exposure.
The UASIAFF offers both mainstream and No Budget contests which allow all content budgets the opportunity to be celebrated and honored!

The Urban Action Showcase International Action Film Festival offers Awards and Prizes including funding opportunities, Distribution with platforms such as Amazon Prime, Amazon Instant Video, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, and more!

Contest Eligibility Rules: Coming Soon

Content must have been directed, written, and or star persons of color (Asian, Black, Latino, Women, Others).
Filmmaker/Content Creator must be 18 years of age or older or have parental consent to enter.
Content must meet the specific contest requirements for the Contest or Category that it is submitted to.
​All content Call 4 Entry submissions must be Full HD 1920 x 1080 or Higher.
Content must be in English or have English Subtitles.
The Urban Action Showcase International Action Film Competitions are open worldwide!
The film must have been completed no earlier than January 2019.
The Blood Sweat n Bones Feature Film Contest budget must be under $10,000.00.
The Blood Sweat n Bones Short Film Contest budget must be under $2500.00.
All Late Submissions must be received by August 13th, 2023.
All Official Selections Notification Date: August 20th, 2023.​​
Please read the full list of terms and conditions on the Call 4 Entries page of our website.

Overall Rating
  • Franklin Correa

    Every time I go I have a good time everybody there is so supportive and we're all a small knit tight no budget film Community trying to make our dreams come alive and the hospitality and courtesy is amazing

    May 2023
  • Blake Zawadzki

    The Urban Action Showcase International Action Film Festival and Expo is a great event showcasing the works of a wide array of professionals in all aspects of the industry. It is a wonderful celebration of martial arts, tv/filmmaking, and pop culture. The event is well organized and has a very warm and welcoming vibe, located near Times Square. Special thanks again to Demetrius, Sophia, Molly, and the rest of the staff for the honor of being a part of the 2022 event and for the award nomination for Best Screenplay for my pilot screenplay for an animated series, 'Felandra: Heroine of Darkness'. I definitely recommend.

    February 2023
  • John Aguirre

    Very well organized film festival run by a great staff.

    December 2022
  • Thank you very much ! indeed the size of the festival is huge ! Hope to present in person next time !

    November 2022
  • I am so happy that I got a chance to attend this festival for the first time this year. Sure, the celebrity guests were a big draw - but this was one of the best festivals for mixing and mingling with other filmmakers. The seminars were also very valuable and gave me the opportunity to roll up my sleeves and break out of my comfort zone during the quick collaboration session. I definitely hope to be back.

    November 2022