Industry Professionals at The Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards are looking for three new writers to introduce to the Hollywood Film & Television Community.

Celebrate the Writing Season by entering the only accredited 90-day competition where every single word of your script is read and evaluated by working producers, writers, directors, and executives.

All results announced NOVEMBER 30, 2022!

The Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards is the motion picture industry's PREMIER screenplay competition, featuring a panel of judges who are each established Hollywood pros focused on discovering, promoting, and producing the works of new writing talent.

This year's judges include Producer Stuart Benjamin (Ray, Mortal Thoughts), Marla White (Development Executive at Sony), Screenwriter/showrunner Bob McCullough (Star Trek, Soldier of Fortune), Screen and TV writer Ron Friedman (Transformers, G.I. Joe), Series creator Michael Sloan (The Equalizer, Kung Fu), Director Jerry London (Hawaii Five-0, Shogun), Writer-Producer Garner Simmons (Poltergeist, The Last Samurai), Writer-consultant Suzanne Herrera (Zorro, Falcon Crest), and many more!

Our team has been instrumental in helping writers sign with major talent agencies (CAA, WME, ICM, et al), and has sold original material to major Hollywood studios, including Universal, ​Paramount, Fox, and Warner Bros.

The Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards is dedicated to the cultivation, mentorship, and employment of talented up-and-coming screen and television writers. Winners not only win a cash and development deal, but they will also be identified and promoted as ready to present to major Hollywood agents, producers, and studios.

So if you're serious about your writing... so are we. And if your work is a standout... we want to read it!

• $1,000 CASH
• Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards Commemorative Rewards Certificate
• 1-to-1 personal consultation with a producer, literary agent, or literary manager.
• Media Publicity

$500 CASH
• Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards Commemorative Rewards Certificate
• 1-to-1 personal consultation with a producer, literary agent, or literary manager.
• Media Publicity

$250 CASH
• Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards Commemorative Rewards Certificate
• 1-to-1 personal consultation with a producer, literary agent, or literary manager.
• Media Publicity

All writers of submitted material must be 18 years of age or older
• Entries must be in English
• Submissions via PDF file only
• Resubmits/changes incur additional fee
• Produced/optioned or otherwise encumbered scripts are ineligible
• All submitted materials must be the original work of the author(s)
• Adaptations of prior works must give source material credit
• Entrants need not reside in the U.S.
• Decisions of judges are final as per industry criteria​
• All material should be in standard screenplay format, set in 12-point Courier font.
• Pages should be numbered.
• Full-Length Feature Scripts: 140 pages or under
• Short Film Scripts: 30 pages or under
• TV Pilots: 75 pages or under
• All written or verbal coverage, critique, criticism, or analysis of submitted material is provided subjectively based upon objective standards as they are applied to the writing submitted and under consideration.
• No warranties are expressed or implied as to the utility, value, or accuracy of statements written or spoken by our reader-analysts with regard to material submitted to us by writers, customers, or contest entrants.
• Comments provided by judges, readers, administrators, or other writers are based upon personal opinion only and do not reflect the opinions of management; management assumes no responsibility the academic, creative, professional, economic, or emotional impact or consequences of the opinions we provide.
• Submitting writers agree to hold harmless against claims of any and every kind, each and every employee, independent contractor, reader, analyst, system administrator, or officers of the company in perpetuity.
• By entering this contest or any others with which The Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards (LAISA) is affiliated, you agree to receive email marketing messages and updates relative to this contest and any affiliated sources and providers from us. You may opt out/unsubscribe from those messages and marketing protocols at any time simply by letting us know at
• Material submitted to the competition is solely at the risk of the individual registering, entering, or offering written material for scoring, analysis, judgment, or commentary.
• Once submitted material has been read, reviewed, analyzed, critiqued, scored, or commented upon by agents, employees, representatives, or management of the company, no refund of entry fee will be made.

Overall Rating
  • Cristina Rodríguez

    Great contest, great team!!! If you are in doubt, just take part

    July 2022
  • Jamie sutliff

    I've entered this festival twice 1st entry no reply, so I accept that as rejection. 2nd entry Filmfreeway sent notice I won a laurel. A reply from the festival would've been a better communication. I'm proud to have won anything.

    June 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for reaching out.
    Your December 2021 Short Script entry Black Wolf was rated as "Selected," which can often be misinterpreted as "award level."
    To clarify:
    Because Film Freeway is the leading film festival online portal, the designation "Selected" in that case means that a finished film meets a particular festival's submission requirements.
    Likewise, as the leading screenplay contest online portal, the designation "Selected" with respect to scripts means that an entry simply meets a particular contest's submission requirements and has not been disqualified, received as incomplete, or is in violation of a contest's rules, terms, conditions.
    If your entry has been "selected," and if it scores at the Quarter-Finalist level or above, you would have received an additional notification to that effect. Please keep in mind that our contest is a competition; your script was up against a number of other Short Script entries which earned point scores a bit higher than Black Wolf. In any other contest period, Black Wolf may well have scored at the top...but this time, it did not.
    Everyone is always curious about "how many Quarter-Semi-Quarter Finalists and Finalists and Honorable Mentions are there?" 
    Of all total entries, here's how it trends in any particular contest period:Finalists = 3%Semi-Finalists = 5%Quarter-Finalists = 10%
    We'll be posting our response to your comments on Film Freeway; now that you know the meaning of "selected" in reference to a script contest on Film Freeway, I believe it would behoove all concerned if you'd be so kind as to remove your comments.
    Wishing you continued success with your writing!

  • What an honor it is to be a part of a Gold Standard, long running festival! Thanks for the recognition and exposure!

    May 2022
  • Todd McGee

    The feedback received was really good and gave me several concrete tips to improve the screenplay. It was very detailed and showed the reader had really taken it seriously.

    May 2022
  • Honored to have my screenplay "Isolated "Justice" recognized and selected by the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards. High level of professionalism! Great experience!

    May 2022