The 11th edition of the Siracusa international Ortigia Film Festival will be held on July 13/20 2019. Here the official announcement and the entry form: where it is possible to register films in the different sections of the Festival or through the Filmfreeway platform. The sections of the festival:
* Feature films competition, first and second Italian edition
* International documentary competition
* International short films competition
* Cinema Women
* Cinema and dance
For the first year the showcase of the OFF documentary becomes a competitive section. Confirmed the two non-competitive sections launched for the tenth edition: Cinema Woman dedicated to young directors of the international scene and the cinema in combination with another art that this year will be cinema and dance.
The films will be selected with the final decision of the Artistic Director and a Selection Committee of the festival. Applications will be submitted by the deadline of May 10th 2019 by filling in the entry form for the Entry Form to be completed online or Filmfreeway.
The jury can also attribute to the works in competition, awards and special mentions.
The Ortigia public film festival is sworn and this year assigns by way of vote in addition to the Best Film and Best Short Award also Best Documentary that becomes a competitive section. The portal in collaboration with Ortigia Film Festival awards 2 awards to the Film and to the interpreter of the year "Truly Independent". The deadline to send the works is set for 10 May 2019.

A Jury of professionals in film industry will be nominated by the Festival to assign the following Awards:
- Feature Film Competition:
* OFF11 Best Film Award
* OFF11 Best Actor Award
* OFF11 Best Script Siae Award
The jury reserves the right to assign eventual special mentions.
* OFF 11 Audience Best Film Award
The Audience Award will be assigned by the audience at the screenings.
* OFF11 Laser Film Color Correction Award
The feature film which will reach the top on the best film category will recive the laser film prize. This includes a video post-production package worth a total of € 10,000 for the work on the next film. It will be a total of 40 hours of color correction in Laser Film loboratories.
- International Documentary Competitive:
*OFF11 Audience Best Documentary Award
The Audience Award will be assigned by the audience at the screenings.
- International Short Film:
*OFF11 Best Short Film Award
*OFF11 Audience Best Short Film Award
The Audience Award will be assigned by the audience at the screenings.
* OFF11 Rai Cinema Channel Award
Rai Cinema Channel prize of € 3,000 will be awarded to the "most web" short among those selected. The recognition wants to reward the effectiveness of a story that lends itself well to being spread on web channels. The prize consists of a contract to purchase the rights of the short film, by Rai Cinema, which will enjoy visibility on and on its partner sites.

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Overall Rating
  • Francesco Guarnori

    A fascinating international festival in a marvelous city, with an interesting program and a social media activity always up to date.

    July 2019
  • Marco Spagnoli

    We won. But we would have written the same anyway...

    July 2018
  • Roberto Grasso

    Great Festival,
    Amazing people and even more amazing location.
    Spent beautiful days in a beautiful city, watched really good movies and talked to awesome people.

    Next year will be the Tenth festival, must be unmissable!

    August 2017
  • Robert Misovic

    What a marvelous film festival. Nights of Contrition couldn't have asked for a better venue for an Italian premiere. Tightly curated program, great staff, and one of the most gorgeous festivals in terms of screening venues in the world. Ortigia is the king of southern Italia!

    July 2017
  • It was Italian premiere of my movie. I could follow day by day on social media. Ambience seemed amazing. Communication was perfect with festival organizers. I'm so happy to be included Ortigia Film Festival this year. I would like to be in Italy during the festival.

    July 2016