Silicon Beach Film Festival Miami is part of Silicon Beach Film Festival Los Angeles and will be holding screenings and events in the Miami / Fort Lauderdale area as an expansion of the Silicon Beach Film Festival.

Silicon Beach Film Festival will be held at:

Savor Cinema
503 SE 6th St
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Silicon Beach Film Festival is launching this event due to the success of the Festival and partnerships with theaters. Silicon Beach Film Festival is a Registered Trade Mark.


Submitting your film does not guarantee festival acceptance or screening. Acceptance into the festival does not guarantee award or prize. Submission fee's are nonrefundable. Silicon Beach Film Festival reserves the right to change our programming and event party's without notice. Silicon Beach Film Festival is a Registered Trade Mark.

Overall Rating
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    Roseann Sureda

    Thank You for a Fabulous Festival Experience !
    Everyone involved with this festival was outstanding !
    The Festival Director, Programmer, Co- Producer, location, atmosphere, staff, was extremely inviting and supportive of creative talent.
    I was honored to be a part of this Wonderful Festival, and look forward to submitting my work next year.
    Bravo to the Festival Director Jon Gursha, Festival Programmer Peter Greene, Festival Co-Producer, Eric Vollweiler , and Savor Cinema

    February 2018
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    Margie Kelk

    I found Jon Gursha ad Peter Greene, festival organizers, to be extremely helpful and welcoming, and the Q and A discussions they held after each film were informative and very interesting. I received detailed information about every aspect of the festival before it even began. I heartily recommend it for both filmmakers and movie buffs alike.

    February 2018
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    Damien Gautier

    It was a great experience overall! Glad I met all these passionate people of the festival who truly give a chance to filmmakers. Definitely recommend it!

    February 2018
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    John Powers

    Silicon Beach Film Festival Miami allowed me to share my film with independent movie lovers in south Florida. While I was not able to attend, presenting my film through Peter Greene and the other key members of the festival staff could not have been more moviemaker-friendly. I am a big fan this team!

    February 2018
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    Stephen Tenner

    Congratulations Jon, Peter & Eric to a successful 1st year!
    It was a truly wonderful experience. I would highly recommend this festival. We're still gushing over our win as well.
    Thanks so much for having us!
    We look forward to hopefully catching up next year with another project.
    ~Team HEAP

    February 2018