Las Vegas located in Nevada, is one of the most-visited cities in the world. It has numerous venues for entertainment. Las Vegas is also a favourite spot for filmmaking, the activity which was also referred to as a sinful activity at its beginning. The iconic Las Vegas Strip is the setting for scads of Hollywood movies through the years because it’s immediately recognizable. “The Hangover,” “Casino”, “Leaving Las Vegas,” and “Last Vegas” are just a few of the many blockbuster films made here. There are a lot of diverse locations in the area: “you drive one hour, you’re up at the mountains. You drive another hour, you’re in the desert”. We hope you go utilize these potentials for our cinematic event.

Short Fiction
Short Animation
Short Documentary
Best Feature Film
Best Student Film
Best Director
Best Woman Filmmaker
Best Man Filmmaker
Best Actress in a Leading Role
Best Actor in a Leading Role
Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Best Cinematography
Best Original Screenplay
Best Film Editing
Best Sound
Music Score
Best Film on Women’s issue
Best War Film
Best Horror Film
Best Erotic Film
Best Virtual Reality / 360º Film
Best Trailer / Teaser

1: Sin City Festival is an event with live public screening. Generally, we do not run online screening. The festival is open to any film completed after January 1, 2020, regardless of content, subject, or origin. Submitting your film to the festvial is not a guarantee of selection. All the Winners will be listed on our website. All the winning films will receive an award and/or certificate via mail. Please read all rules and regulations before submitting your project.

2: Please note that Festival does not offer fee waivers, discounts, invitations to become an Official Selection, or any other form of preferential treatment that Festival directors feel would be out of step with the Festival’s mission of providing a level playing field for all filmmakers. Filmmakers seeking a waiver because the required fee is beyond their current budget are advised to wait until the next Early Submissions period or find a sponsor. The Festival’s organizers do not respond to pitches for individual projects, and filmmakers writing the Festival with requests or demands for other forms of preferential treatment will typically not receive a response.

3: Films made in languages other than English must have English subtitles.

5: The festvial reserves the right to refuse entries or change the Submission Status.

6: The festival does not cover any of the expenses incurred by the filmmaker. The festival does not pay any screening fees.

7: A filmmaker will not be reimbursed for the submission fee if they decide to withdraw the submission.

8: The festvial may without advance notice amend festival dates and/or Rules & Terms. Each and every such amendment shall become effective immediately. It is your responsibility to periodically check for updates to these Rules & Terms.

9: Every festival participant will receive at least 2 automatic notifications:
Mandatory Notifications:
1. Submission confirmation.
2. Project status change.
Optional Notifications:
3. Award decision
4. Screening schedule

10: All films must be a minimum of one minute. Short films must not be longer than 40 minutes, including credits and may cover any genre

11: Rough cuts and work-in-progress prints are acceptable as long as the final (completed) film can be delivered prior to the event.

12: Our preferred method for submissions is via online screener, digital streaming via private link or password protected via Vimeo or similar sites.

12: Final screenings will be via DCP (Digital Cinema Package), please provide a DCP or we can have your film converted to DCP for a nominal fee. Sources can be high resolution DNxHD, ProRes, DPX or other professional formats.

13: All submission applications, disposable media and press kits submitted become property of the Film Festival and will not be returned.

14: Upon acceptance, the Festival is hereby granted the right to utilize and/or excerpt from any film submitted & accepted for exhibition at the Festival for promotional and marketing purposes. This will include the use of the filmmaker’s name, likeness & publicity stills, film or video footage, title, logline and synopsis of materials, in pre & post-competition publicity & promotional efforts.

15: The individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations. The submitter shall indemnify and hold harmless Festival, their officers and employees from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.

Overall Rating
  • The Las Vegas film festival was excellent!!

    April 2024
  • Lauren Lorenzo

    Thank you for nominating 'A Ghastly Murder' we were happy to be considered.

    March 2024
  • Sharon Cleveland Blount

    Thank you so much for the consideration and selecting my film short as a Winner! It means so much!

    February 2024
  • We appreciate the “Best Woman Filmmaker” award for our movie “Traces on the wall.” Many thanks to the festival for this invaluable recognition! Excellent communication and highly professionally organized. Strongly recommended!

    November 2023
  • Great festival! Glad to have our movie selectected and won a price. Thank you!

    August 2023