Run by Taymaynari Productions and the Fitzroy Art Collective; Studio 66 Film Nights is a small but growing Melbourne film night/festival that aims to give light to local films that may not otherwise have had the chance.

Present Filmmakers will be asked a series of questions about their project by our host of the night.

Each film night has a desicated theme which submitters are required to follow.

The present audience votes for their top three films of each night.

Each of the three films recieves a laurel.
The winning film is crowned audience choice of the night and is then put into our end of year night where audiences will then vote for film of the year!

- No film over 25 Minutes
- No racism or homophobia without context.
- No Extreme Violence without context
- Warnings will be given for any film that depicts rape, suicide, nudity, or flashing lights
- Filmmakers local from Melbourne, Australia get priority.
- All Films are screened prior to acceptence.

Overall Rating