IMPORTANT NOTE: On January 6, 2020 our website will be updated with all the results.
Sorry for the delay.

*** There are no monthly public screenings for our film awards, so that we do not affect your other submissions or premiere status.

Aphrodita becomes Biennial (2020)
Due to the great quality received, there is no choice but to celebrate the big party next 2020 to accommodate more talent and public. We are working very hard to create Aphrodite's dream.
Welcome to Independent Aphrodite Film Awards, a bimonthly film festival with Biennial Live Screening and award ceremony.

The Aphrodite Film Awards (NYCAFA) is a bimonthly and biennial competition which celebrates films from all around the world with awards in different categories and genres.

Films, photography and music are welcome.

It is our mission to recognize and celebrate the finest independent cinema the world has to offer while helping to advance the careers of promising filmmakers by providing a platform through which their talents can be recognized.

Each month, our Jury will award the best films through private screenings. There are no bimonthly public screenings for our film awards, so that we do not affect your other submissions or premiere status.

There will be awards in several Main Categories, and every submitter can add Additional Categories to increase their probability to win, but each entry and submission must have its own submission fee.

The winners of all monthly editions will enter the "Biennial" competition.

All selected, finalists of each monthly edition will receive:

Official Laurels.
Coupon 50% discount on distribution services with our partner.

All winners of each monthly edition will receive:

Official Laurels.
Coupon 100% discount in distribution services with our partner.
Automatically enter the "The Best Biennial" competition as the Official Biannual Selection (2 Years) 2020, 2022, 2024, 2026

All winners of the The Best Biennial competition received:

Official Laurels.
Official certificate (digital format).
You will receive the Aphrodite Trophy during the Awards Ceremony. In case you can not attend the awards ceremony, you can receive your trophy by paying the shipping costs.

Rules & Terms

Submissions in a language other than English must have subtitles. Works in progress are accepted.

Projects can be from any of the last five years.

Every month, our jury will award the best independent filmmakers through private screenings. Every submission can submit to as many categories as fits the film to increase the chances of winning.

The Jury may offer honorable mentions for filmmakers who do not necessarily win.

Our jury will select potential projects for possible distribution with our partner.

- By submitting your film, take note that:

Aphrodite Film Awards (NYCAFA) is hereby granted the rights to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted for promotional purposes of the festival.

You agree to use parts of your film (including trailer/teaser/film poster/stills) for promotional purpose.

Every submitter can add Additional Categories to increase their probability to win, but each entry and submission must have its own submission fee.

The films will not be available online.

We promote some of the films by uploading the trailers/teasers/posters/production stills.

Entry fees are non-refundable.

Main Categories Available in Monthly editons (All Genre):

Best Feature Film
Best Animation Feature
Best Documentary Feature
Best Experimental Feature

Best Short Film
Best Under 5 Minute Short Film
Best Animation Short
Best Documentary Short
Best Experimental Short

Best Music Video
Best Commercial
Best Trailer

Best Photography
Best Piece of Music

Additional Categories:

Best Drama (Additional Category)
Best Comedy (Additional Category)
Best Horror (Additional Category)
Best LGBT (Additional Category)
Best Action (Additional Category)
Best Thriller (Additional Category)
Best SCI-FI (Additional Category)
Best Romantic Comedy (Additional Category)
Best Crime Film (Additional Category)
Best Fantasy Film (Additional Category)
Best Film Noir (Additional Category)
Best Western (Additional Category)
Best Silent Film (Additional Category)

Best Editing (Additional Category)
Best Original Music Score (Additional Category)
Best Cinematography (Additional Category)

Best Producer (Additional Category)
Best Screenplay(Additional Category)

Best Director - Ficction (Additional Category)
Best Director - Animation (Additional Category)
Best Director - Documentary (Additional Category)
Best Director - Experimental (Additional Category)
Best Director Student (Additional Category)

Best First Time Filmmaker (Additional Category)

Best Actress (Additional Category)
Best Actor (Additional Category)

Overall Rating
  • GimEnez Bros.

    We are very happy and delighted with this magnificent award, it is great news and gives us a lot of strength and energy to keep working.
    Our “In October” and "Agatha Christie on stage" compositions have been Semi-Finalist into this competition. Thanks for your attention.
    Congratulations on your fantastic and very good festival, the absolute success of the organization, we are impressed and wish you can fulfill many more editions.
    Thank you so much,
    Juan and Toni Gimenez Cerezo (GimEnez Bros.)

    January 2020
  • Kevin Machate

    Apparently this event does not actually produce any results, even months later. I thought it was just the later months, as we have now been waiting 6 weeks for some sort of communication aside from " delayed, etc..." which apparently they have been doing for several months. Who knows how many filmmakers are waiting to hear something from this "festival" since they continue to accept your money, but never actually put anything out of any value. An acceptance seems to be worth very little at this point when the organizers refuse to communicate with filmmakers and have not updated their site for 8 months.

    Do not waste your time, money, or effort by sending them your film, because even if you get an acceptance, it means nothing and goes nowhere.

    December 2019
  • Andre Joseph

    My film had initially been accepted the festival for the for the bi-monthly edition of May-June 2019. For months, their website never updated with the results of the semi-finalists and finalists. Every time I emailed them, they kept saying the jury was still reviewing all the submissions. Now it's almost Christmas and they won't respond or update the website at all. Not even show the results from their "event" this past fall. Very frustrating.

    December 2019
  • Algis Kemezys

    This Film Festival particularly made my year because in my movie "The Messenger Hermes Remembers" I actually had Aphrodite in the script. So making it in this Festival brightened my whole year! Unfortunately, I was not able to attend because of the death of my partner Byron Ayanoglu who produced the movie and played Zeus as well. Friends did attend my screening and said it was an exciting professionally run Festival. So my heart goes out to this Festival for picking our movie and screening it in the Big Apple. Live long and Prosper Aphrodite Film Awards!

    December 2019
  • Shuvayan Mukherjee

    Thanks very much for acceptance of the film. Hope to see more updates from you. Thanks for hosting such monthly festival with such great hospitality.

    December 2019