Munich Film Awards (MFA) is a brand new, up and coming annual film festival held in the heart of Munich. MFA is more than just a Film Festival; it is a strong connection among all filmmakers around the world.

For our 2020 Online Event, we had over 750 virtual audience members from 63 different countries! For 2021 we plan to host a physical event and an online event for those who can't be there in person.

Our judges consist of filmmakers and industry professionals from 6 different countries. We believe that having such a multicultural team behind our festival helps make our festival thrive amongst Independent Festivals. Our diverse judges give the opportunity to all filmmakers to have their films reviewed by them with such a wide knowledge in the art of filmmaking.

Exposing young talented filmmakers to an environment of industry professionals with vast experience in their field is a priority for us. One of our top aims is giving opportunities to first time filmmakers, regardless of their age, to have their films presented to larger audiences and help promote their talent. We aim to create events that lead to further opportunities.

The objective of MFA is to provide support to independent filmmakers globally through reviewing, judging, marketing, and distribution networking. MFA accepts all genres of films across the globe. The selected high-quality films will have a chance to win awards such as trophies, certificates, gift cards and cash prizes starting from $200 as well as have their films on the big screen at our live screening.

Good luck!

The judges of the festival will carefully select the films to be nominated for awards, and create a selection of nominated films to be screened in front of the live audience. The fantastic event will give filmmakers opportunities to watch their film on the big screen as well as the opportunity for networking.

Awards are given to the categories below:

Best Feature Film
Best Short Film
Best Student Film
Best Feature Documentary
Best Short Documentary
Best Student Documentary
Best Experimental
Best Animation
Best Director
Best Student Director
Best Soundtrack
Best Music Video
Best Actor/Actress
Best Screenplay/Script

The winners will be announced at the event, on our website, and on social media a month prior to the event date. The selected high-quality films will have a chance to win awards such as trophies, certificates, gift cards, and cash prizes starting at $200!

Our Rules and Guidelines for 2021 Submissions:

Your submission implies that you have the legal right to represent and submit this film for consideration, along with your acceptance of MFA regulations.

1) International films are required to have English subtitles
2) Student Films will require proof of student ID to qualify for the discounted rate. Any non - student films submitted into the category will be disqualified!
3) Features are any film over 45 mins. Short films are 45 mins and under.
4) To submit a film or script, you must have created the project yourself, own the rights or have permission from the owner of the content to submit the film to us.
5) We do not send out physical tickets. The submitting filmmaker's name will be on a list at our ticket desk. Any purchased tickets will be on this list as well.
6) Films must be 2017 or newer to qualify for an award.
7) Our festival is run by a small group of volunteers, film enthusiasts, and professional film judges. Every effort is made to provide great communication and fun festival experience. If there is anything we can assist with, please send us an email and we will contact you back within 24 hours.
8) MFA reserves the right to refuse acceptance of submissions deemed by the festival to be inappropriate and violating the Rules and Terms. Should you wish to question MFA about the decision, you can contact us by email.
9) One entry fee per category. The same film can be entered into one or more categories, but each category requires an entry fee.
10) All fees are non-refundable

Overall Rating
  • We were really grateful to participate on this year festival! All the staff was very attentive, kind and helpful through the whole process. Congratulations you guys for the resilience to overcome the new challenges that appeared in this period and make a great event!

    September 2020
  • James Seyer

    LILLIAN was honored to be a part of this festival. There was good communication (even in these dark pandemic times) and clear instructions to follow. We were super excited to WIN the coveted BEST PRODUCER award and hope we will be able to attend the festival F2F in 2021!!!

    September 2020
  • Laura Coleman

    Great Festival. Great Communication. Awesome!

    September 2020
  • GimEnez Bros.

    We are very happy and delighted with this magnificent award, it is great news and gives us a lot of strength and energy to keep working.
    Our “In October” composition has been Winner into this competition. Thanks for your attention.
    Congratulations for your fantastic and very good festival, absolute success of the organization, we are impressed and wish you can fulfill many more editions.
    Thank you so much,
    Juan and Toni Giménez Cerezo (GimEnez Bros.)

    September 2020
  • This was a wonderful festival to be apart of. Our writer was able to go and represent the film and was very pleased with the program. The festival coordinators were incredibly professional and responsive. We would be thrilled to take part in this festival again and we see the Munich Film Awards as having a bright future for filmmakers and movie goers alike.

    February 2020