The audience seemed to really like the film and that validates all the effort and creativity and sacrifices you make to bring something like this into reality. You hope what you create will connect with people and it seemed like my film did that. I also appreciate how smart the comments were. Folks really got into the spirit of what “The Blood Of Love,” is about, which is: How far would you go to hold onto the person you love?
– Jeff Meyers (THE BLOOD OF LOVE – Short Film)

Submit your ROMANCE or RELATIONSHIP Film or Screenplay to the festival today.

Get your short or feature film showcased at the festival in downtown Toronto.
- 6 Film Festival events a year.
- Filmmaker also receives a chance to talk about their film on the Film Festival ITunes Podcast and also do a blog interview.
- All accepted films receive an audience reaction video of how they felt about your film. Then you can use that video to promote your film to get into more festivals and obtain a distribution deal.

Romance Screenplay Festival happens monthly.
- Full feedback given on all submissions by industry professionals.
- Winners get their script performed by professional actors and made into a video for them.
- Winners also get to talk about their work and script on the Film Festival ITunes Podcast.

Read recent testimonials:

This is the 5th or 6th time I’ve submitted a script to the festival over the past few years. I think it’s the timely and respectful feedback that has influenced me to enter the festival. For a reasonable price, I can get insightful feedback and a chance to have it read aloud. And it’s a chance you get monthly, which is cool.
– John Arthur-Ingram (Three Play – Feature Screenplay)

The prize. A table read is much more exciting than yet another copy of final draft. The reviewer called my writing brilliant, and I didn’t have to bribe or blackmail him/her. That felt nice.
– Olaf Baumann (Death Don’t Us Part – Feature Screenplay)

I loved the idea of actors reading my story. Apart from the potential publicity, this seemed like such a privilege. And I really appreciated the feedback. It was encouraging, but also spot-on as far as weaknesses.
– Lauren Hoekstra (Yellow Touch Red You’re Dead – Feature Screenplay)

All submissions receive full feedback from the industry on their work.

I found it very refreshing and I was glued to the screen. It was good to hear the audiences reactions to the film and what they took away from it. It really is exciting when you find an engaged audience.
– Shekhar Bassi (NO LOVE LOST – Short Film)

The RULES are simple:
1. Write a screenplay. Make a short film.

2. Submit your work to the industry. Receive feedback and results in 3-5 weeks.

Overall Rating
  • Bruce Hickey

    I was very honored to have my film, Blind Faith, win Best Short Film. Unlike most of these smaller festivals where you have no contact after it's over, here I was contacted, interviewed, and they promoted my film!

    September 2022
  • It was very cool to hear people's thoughts and reactions after seeing the film. It's so valuable as a storyteller and a unique perk of the festival.

    August 2022
  • Al Nazemian

    This is a unique festival that gives valuable feedback from different audience members. This is a very original concept for a film festival. The feedback is then edited into a video and sent to the filmmaker. Each person gives his/her view or response to your film- on camera. This is a fresh contrast to getting a review from a professional writer/reviewer/critic. You will actually get direct feedback from a hybrid of people who have seen your film. It is as if you have just left a screening of your film and are getting 10 different people's reaction to your film. Very unique, original concept for a festival and valuable to the filmmaker, who is used to reading professional reviews. The communication is excellent. Highly recommend this festival. Professional in every department.

    July 2022
  • Vanessa Powers

    A well run, well organized festival with really cool really niche focus. Our team was proud to be a part of it.

    April 2022
  • Ritter Charles

    For all of you thousands of miles away who talk about my film HER LAST FAREWELL (UN ADIEU) in such a touching, relevant, sincere way, it's huge and it moves me deeply. The emotion that emerges from the film is nicely shared and the script invites reflection : what more could I ask for. This video feedback will remain a rare, original and valuable testimony to my work. Thank you Toronto 🙂 ! (I hope the Google translation is OK because my english is very bad).

    April 2022