”Life Safety International Film Festival” it will be held for the first time in Kosovo, and is the only one in this format. Making films with a smartphone is only for those who are truly creative, and have story to tell.

Submit your film before January 12.

This 1st Edition is dedicatied to Roads Safety. ROADS HAVE STORIES



1) Competition Program “Mobile Short Film” 1 to 29 min
2) Competition Program “Mobile Documentary Film” 5 to 29 min
3) Competition Program “VLog Documentary Film” 3 to 22 min
4) Competition Program “Diaspora Mobile Success Story” 3 to 29 min

Life Safety International Film Festival (LSIFF) Regulations
The 1st LSIFF takes place on Jan 24-27. 2019, organised by AMRKS (hereafter referred to as “Organiser”).
The Organiser aims to motivate, inspire and promote filmmakers, regardless of their experience in the field of film.
By entering LSIFF, the participant (hereafter referred to as “Participant”) accepts the following Regulations on behalf of him/herself and any crewmembers who may also participate.
The contest is open to all natural and contractually capable persons.
Participation is not bound to a particular domicile.
All participants are obliged to complete the FilmFreeway form completely and truthfully. Submitting a film to LSIFF is possible until January 12, 2019 at midnight (Central European Time) via filmfreeway.com
The Organiser reserves the right to exclude from the contest Participants who have breached the Contest Regulations. Participants who attempt to disrupt the course of or manipulate the contest will also be excluded from participation.
The film must be shot entirely on a mobile device (smartphones, tablets, GoPro) in HD video.
DSLR, Compact cameras are not accepted.
Multiple mobile devices can be used, but no non mobile footage may be included.
Foreign productions are welcome in any language, but subtitles in English are mandatory (films in English don’t need subtitles).
Any software to edit video and audio as well as colour correction or special effects is allowed.
Use of additional equipment is allowed, including (but not limited to) external microphone, wide angle lens, lighting, tripod, broom handle, basmati cam.
Copyrighted material is not accepted, unless there is a written permission to do so. (LSIFF is not liable for any copyright material unlawfully used)
The film must be an original production. It may not infringe on the copyright, trademark or other rights of any individual. Films must have full clearance for all content, including music
In order to submit a film, every participant must use filmfreeway.com. If the film gets selected, the best video format to screen it is Apple ProRes 4:2:2 Standard (not HQ or LT) or h.264. Both in a .mov wrapper (.mp4 is not recommended).
If you are using another format or have troubles uploading, please contact us on: infolifesafetyfestival@gmail.com
Several films can be submitted per filmmaker/crew.
Films of all types and genres may be submitted to the contest. A film entry participates in the contest if it is received before the entry deadline.
The film can be in any language. If the film is in neither English, subtitles in english are required.
Providing they do not breach the conditions (and the filmmaker agrees), the winner films will be uploaded to the YouTube channel “LSIFF”.

The Participant maintains at all times the rights to his/her film entry. However, (if possible) he/she grants the Organiser the right to present the submitted film, make it publicly available, distribute it and make it available for third party viewing unrestrictedly in terms of location and frequency.
The Organiser is not the provider of the films submitted by the participants. These films will be made available exclusively by the respective user.

By submitting a film, the Participant declares that he/she owns all rights (including all third-party rights) with regard to the submitted film. In the event that one or more persons are clearly recognisable, or the sound or music of third parties can be heard in the film, those involved must agree that the film be made public. The respective declaration of consent must be made available if requested by the Organiser.
Should third parties nevertheless assert claims resulting from the infringement of their rights, the Participant declares the Organiser free from all said claims. The person who submits the film is solely responsible for its content (image, sound, data, texts etc.).
RIGHTS TO ONE’S OWN PICTURE By participating, the Participant agrees to photographs and recordings being made of his/her person throughout the contest process – particularly during the Award Ceremony – and those photographs and recordings to be published at momofilmfest.com as well as on the Organiser’s Facebook page and in other publications. Furthermore, the Participant also agrees to his/her name being published at momofilmfest.com as well as on the Organiser’s Facebook page and in other publications. The Participant also understands that his/her name may be published in connection with his/her photograph.

The Organiser takes the protection of participants’ personal data very seriously. The Organiser adheres during the contest to the highest possible data protection standards in accordance with the relevant legal regulations. The Participant hereby expressly consents to the storage and use of the personal data communicated.
The Organiser does not pass on personal data to third parties unless the individual has given his/her explicit consent. The Organiser may pass on data to cooperation partners when necessary for the awarding of a prize.
Should a clause in these regulations be invalid or a legal loophole exist, the validity of the remaining clauses or the regulations as a whole remain unaffected. In the above-mentioned event, the missing or invalid clause shall be replaced by a valid clause that comes closest to the intended sense and purpose of the invalid or missing clause. The Organiser reserves the right to make decisions on all matters unforeseen by these regulations and, in special, vindicated cases, to make exceptions to these regulations.
Kosovo law is solely applicable in the event of disputes. The place of jurisdiction is – to the extent legally permissible – agreed upon as where the Organiser is based. For participants whose place of general jurisdiction is not Kosovo, or reside after entering the contest abroad, the place of jurisdiction shall also be agreed upon as where the Organiser is based.
The laws of the Kosovo apply. Any recourse to legal action is excluded.
(dated November 30, 2018)

Overall Rating
  • Awesome film festival! Well managed and the staff were very helpful and polite. Honestly it is probably the best film festival I have been to so far. I was honored to be apart of it.

    April 2019
  • Lam Can-zhao

    Very proud that my film THE DAY BEFORE CHINESE NEW YEAR was selected.

    March 2019
  • Thanks to all -- so excited that Red Zone Paramedics won best documentary. So, great!

    I wasn't able to attend the festival - but great communication all round, and the organised are even posting me my prize! Very exciting for a first time filmmaker!

    February 2019
  • mohammad reza rahmati

    it was good festival. thank you very much

    February 2019
  • Life Safety International Film Festival is awesome. It was my honor my film is the one of awards. I wanna go to attend the festival but unfortunately I can not go. I will keep looking and follow this festival.

    February 2019