Planet 9 Film Festival is an independent festival that features unique & interesting films made by people from all over the world.

Music videos, shorts, & features are all welcomed. Narrative as well as non narrative.

Again the festival will take place in THREE cities this October!
In Los Angeles, Detroit & Chicago.

Each Event will be hosted by Special guest: Count Cat!
There will be various awards & prizes for select film winners, live music & more!

Some films will be accepted and screened at the actual Festival while other runner ups will be selected for online review & digital hype!
The festival was created by indie filmmakers as a means to build community & connection among lesser known indie/DIY filmmakers.
It is for the Under-the Underground!

Special one of a kind Planet 9 Trophies, gift bags & gift certificates will be awarded as well as exclusive discounts to use Seven Seas Stages, Moon 13 mini green screen room & to be a featured filmmaker on Castle Cat internet show!

The festival focuses on themes of sci-fi, horror & experimental.

consciousness based, creative, macabre, passion, DIY, punk rock, truly independent work, weird, interesting, unique films are what we are looking for! Although we are very open minded and love films of all sorts!

1. When film was made
2. Location film was made
3. If film is online
4. format(digital, film, animation)

Overall Rating
  • Murray Toews

    Planet 9 Film Fest was amazingly receptive to my film "Space Vampire Conquers the Earth"! Thanks for the great review Count Cat and Sonar Girl! Check it out on Soundcloud:

    Murray Toews
    Urbanstickman Productions

    February 2018
  • Martin Koch

    We need more of it, waiting for the next edition.

    January 2018
  • Josh Sinbad Collins

    Yeah! Great guys right up the same alley of cool stupidity as 'Fags in The Fast Lane'

    November 2017
  • Peter Regan

    Excellent communication. Totally Groovy Laurels!

    November 2017
  • michael ricci

    Lots of enthusiasm, great communication and super friendly people at the first ever Chicago Planet 9 film fest!

    October 2017