A very insightful experience! The Feedback video was a gift and the entire team was extremely professional and helpful throughout the process.
- Kate M.

This festival is designed to showcase the best of LGBTQ+ stories from around the world today! We accept screenplays (short, TV Pilot, feature) and short & feature films.

Film Festivals:

Festivals occur every single month. We accept an assortment of shorts & feature films from around the world today monthly. We are proud to announce that we will be using the audience feedback format where all accepted films receive a video of people talking about their film at the festival. Excellent video to use for promotional purposes too. NOTE: To enhance the feedback video for the filmmakers, all festivals are held for a private selected audience only.

Screenplay Festivals:

We are proud to showcase 2-5 winning LGBTQ+ screenplays at our festival every single month!! Go to the site and watch the winning readings each month.

All entries receive full feedback from the industry. Accepted screenplays get their screenplays performed by professional actors.

One of North America’s leading gay destinations, Toronto has been holding Pride observances since the ’70s. The Pride parade draws more than 1.2 million spectators and participants annually, making it one of the top such draws in the world. The cinema is located in the Church & Wellesley area, where all of the Pride Events take place.

LGBTQ+ festivals occur 12 times a year. Go to the website for information on the next events.

All submissions receive feedback on their film no matter what.

For examples of what you’ll receive, watch the best of videos from the festival in the last two years:

LBGT Winning Screenplays:

LGBT Short Film Videos:

All submissions must be LGBT oriented.

Overall Rating
  • Mark Schoen

    I can’t begin to tell how important this Festival has been for “What’s ‘Gay’? Asked Mae”. It put us on the map! Several festivals have approached us since receiving the Award, including three Festivals, . . . you’ll never guess, Florida! Thank you Toronto!

    March 2022
  • Gauthier Manot

    Super festival ! Thanks for everything :)

    February 2022
  • Night Swim Productions

    We had such a wonderful time showcasing our film, Ordinary World at the LGBTQ+ Toronto Film Festival! The Festival was helpful, gracious, communicative, and supportive and we hope to continue to work with them and stay in touch. Thanks for such a great experience!

    February 2022
  • joanne vannicola

    So far my experience with the LGBTQ+ Toronto Film Fest. has been really good. We are still in the beginning stages, but they do some fabulous things to showcase filmmakers and artist, including audience feedback and videos for us to see, interviews, etc. They also provide options for future viewing possibilities if filmmakers want more, as well as video testimonials of our films if we wish to request this option for a minimal fee. Just great ideas and ways for filmmakers to access resources. And the video sent really felt so immersive and I was grateful for the video because I couldn't be there in person, and seeing people react meant the world to me. Great job LGBTQ+ fest! I look forward to seeing TRASHED online in March with people, and really appreciate this festival so far. Thank you!

    February 2022
  • Marty Madden

    One of the best festivals ! Amazing communications and the audience feedback sends it WAY over the top of most of its competitors! In the days of Covid, it actually help us feel as though we attended a festival! Thank you so much!!

    January 2022