Nafplio International Film Festival runs under the umbrella of Cultural International Festivals and Bridges International Film Festival of Peloponnese since 2014.
We screen the latest and most interesting film productions in comedy, world cinema and other genres.

We highlight also the Best Greek Short and Best Greek Feature films.

A conference about inspiring cinema topics and a live music contest for the best score of the participating films are held during the three day festival event as well.

Live screenings will be only for the films which will be represented by the director or the producer. All other films will be screened upon audience request.

Nafplio International Film Festival takes place, 9-14/12/19, with live screenings in Trianon Theatre in the picturesque Nafplio in Peloponnesos. The Pegasos Awards ceremony will be held at Vouleftikon on 14th of December.

Best Comedy Short film
Best Comedy Feature film
Best Art Short film
Best Art Feature film
Best Greek Short film
Best Greek Feature film
Best Live Score Performance

-Short and Feature Films produced the last 36 months are eligible to participate.
-Short films up to 20 minutes.
-Feature films up to 120 minutes.
-All genres are accepted.
-Greek subtitles are obligatory to be embedded on the final screener, by the film sender.
-Screenings are made with hard disc, blue ray or DVD.
-Live screenings are scheduled only upon the confirmation of the attendance -at least one month earlier-, by the film representative. All other film screenings are made by audience request.
-Special hotel discounted rates are obtained for the festival participants :

Booking at
1/ Nafsimedon Hotel - standard double: 70,00 euros (from 85.00)
2/ Ippoliti Hotel - standard double: 100,00 euros (from 125,00)
3/ Xenon Inn Hotel - standard double: 100,00 euros (from 125,00)
4/ 3Sixty Hotel & Suites - double deluxe junior suite: 175,00 euros (from 200,00)

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