The BRIDGES Peloponnesian International Film Festival, inaugurated in 2008 in Corinth, is an annual event that maintains strong collaborations with local authorities and various organizations such as the Ministry of Culture and Sports in Greece. This partnership is committed to promoting a fundamental aspect of Greek culture, fostering connections with other cultures, especially in these challenging times.

Bridges IFF has hosted screenings and parallel activities in Loutraki, such as the semimarathon race Athlos & Energia, during the years 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2020, and 2022.
Starting in 2024, the organizers have teamed up with the open-air cinemas Galaxias and Ilektra, choosing to continue hosting the festival early every summer in Loutraki. This is distinct from the main festival, which takes place in October in Nafplio and in November in Corinth.

Furthermore, within the framework of the Bridges International Film Festival, attendees have the opportunity to partake in excursions to archaeological sites, cruises along the Canal of Isthmus, as well as enjoy concerts and exhibitions.

Certificates of participation.
Audience award.

Short and feature films produced within the last 36 months, not available for free on YouTube, are eligible for submission.

Furthermore, directors who have previously participated in the Cyprus International Film Festival and the Bridges International Film Festival in Nafplio and Corinth are welcome to submit their films to the 'Bridges Loutraki' International Film Festival. This collaboration between the three festivals forms a unique connection. The 'Bridges' International Film Festival conducts film screenings throughout the Peloponnese, across Greece, and worldwide.